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In other words, what are your expectations as an animal rights advocate what a farmed animal sanctuary should do?  How should it look?  How should it behave overall?  How should it generate revenue to sustain?

I'm interested to learn your thoughts.


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Hi Anastasia.  Good question.  I think the issue is complex as what might be the greatest outcome will always be subject to local laws.  If a sanctuary is on a piece of land large enough to be considered a farm, there will be enough space to allow animals to roam.  But the mix of animals will also create some need to decide how to allow them to intermix, with regard to whether you have carnivores and herbivores etc.

I would consider that a farmed animal sanctuary should allow animals to roam freely, as naturally as they are able, within what limits laws will allow.  There would need to be some sort of protection for them at night, and the sanctuary fenced off to protect them from the public.  Here in Melbourne there were a couple of incidents late last year where chickens raised by school kids were killed horribly by someone who got into the school at night.  Regrettably it is more for protection from people than from other animals.

As far as funding is concerned, perhaps production of products like calendars, clothing etc.  Small groups to come along and visit to learn about animals.  But as many will be traumatised it would be necessary to make sure the animals are not in any way distressed.  If people can sponsor an animal by regular donations that can work well.

Here are a couple of sites for animals here around Melbourne that may be of interest.  Local councils impose strict regulations that are checked by inspectors and compliance is really necessary.  In a perfect world the animals would be given a home as close to what their natural foraging and places to go to sleep etc as possible.  But all too often animals are considered as nothing more than a hindrance to the human race.

It would have to be vegan first & foremost. Run/owned by vegans, vegan food, no kill etc. Safety for the animals that includes medical care as well as secure living quarters. Plenty of open areas with weather friendly areas incorporated. Funding via philanthropists, fund raising events, products like t-shirts etc. If it was a big sanctuary then perhaps school visits.


Good luck Anastasia.

No forced or AI breeding, and no selling or leasing outside of the sanctuary for 'education' purposes.

Thanks everybody for your replies. I've been thinking about sanctuaries a lot for two main reasons: 1) to explore sanctuaries' potential as social enterprises for animals and 2) to see what stories come of it. In the future, my husband and I envision ourselves creating and maintaining a sanctuary, but right now, we're nowhere near that. So, instead, I'm writing about sanctuaries, collecting stories and information, imagining innovative possibilities, and looking to get as much insight from the AR, animal caregiving, and veterinary communities as available. I'm likely going to be asking more questions about sanctuaries as I go along. So, please, continue to share and invite others to share!

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