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Violence in Animal Rights ~ Roger Yates

Violence in Animal Rights.

I've had occasion to recently pull out some old files full of magazines and what not (looking for a… Continue

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Jeff Perz ~ Guest Chat Transcript ~ 29 - 30 May 2010

Transcript of Jeff Perz's Live ARZone Guest Chat

29 May 2010 at:

3:30pm US Pacific time

6:30pm US Eastern…


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VegInspiration. To Be Free ~ Dr. Will Tuttle

To be free, we must practice freeing others. To feel loved, we must practice loving others. To have true self-respect, we must respect others. The animals and other voiceless beings, the starving humans and

future generations, are pleading with us to see: it’s on our plate.…


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Carol J. Adams' ~ Live Chat Transcript of 15 May 2010

Transcript of Carol Adams' Live Chat of 15 May 2010

3pm US Pacific Time

6pm US Eastern Time

11pm UK Time

16 May 2010 at:

8am Australian Eastern Standard Time


Carolyn Bailey:

Carol J. Adams, today’s ARZone guest, is the author of The Sexual Politics of Meat: A Feminist – Vegetarian Critical Theory, as well as The…


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VegInspiration. The Inner Feminine ~ Dr. Will Tuttle

The inner feminine is our intuition, our sensitivity, and our ability to sense the profound interconnectedness of events and beings, and it is vital to peace, wisdom, joy, intelligence, creativity, and spiritual

awakening. With every baby calf stolen from her mother and killed, with

every gallon of milk stolen from enslaved and broken mothers, with

every thrust of…


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Picking the Low-Hanging Fruit: What Is Wrong with Single Issue Campaigns?



A single issue campaign (herein referred to as “SIC”…


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The Was Once Life Within Your Food ~ Ben Frost

There was once life within your food!

Ben Frost

  • There was once life within your food.This is Bill.He is one of the lucky ones who has managed to find himself at a sanctuary, rather than the dinner plate. He has been lucky enough to have his rights fullfilled, his personhood restored, and the chance to live out the remainder of his life free from harm.Sadly, he is an extreme oddity. 53 Billion animals (not including fish, which easily doubles that number), no different to Bill - no different to us - are tortured, subjected to slavery, and then killed for our consumption every year from meat, dairy, and egg industries.Lets break it down. This means that, for our convience, habit, and pleasure, 1680 animals, no different to Bill - no different to us - are killed every SECOND.With each second that goes by, 1680 non-human persons are sentenced to death for nothing more than trivial want. There is no need. We do not need animal products to live healthily. Indeed, a growing number of health specialists are saying that animal products are extremely bad for our health.It makes no difference whether there’s a lamb rack on your plate, or a hard boiled egg. It mades no difference whether you chew on a chicken leg before bed, eat cheese and crackers, or drink a glass of milk. All animal products have come from a tortured and enslaved being, working as a machine for human ends, with premature death as the only reward.The faces of these slaves are never seen, the screams from the abbatoir never heard, the prisons of our captives never thought of - the voices of these enslaved persons are never noticed.Study the face of our friend, Bill. We must realise that every single one of the 53 billion we torture each year, differ in no way to him. They share the same desire for life as bill - the same desire we have - they share the same want as bill not to be harmed - the same want we have - and they share the same desire not to be tortured and used as someones property - again, the same desire we have as humans.The answer to this is quite simply, Veganism. There is no reason to support the continuation of this hollocaust-like tragedy on animals, which is something that is pervasive within our society today, something that is not even thought of - something that has been there for a long time, but yet so incredibly wrong.Remember the face of Bill, and be filled with the knowledge that, whatever animal product is on your plate, in your glass, or on your body - the non-human person behind that mask was no

    This is…


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A Short Note on Abolitionist Veganism as a Single Issue Campaign ~ Gary L. Francione

Dear Colleagues:

Anyone who claims that ethical veganism, as it is represented in the abolitionist approach to animal rights, is a single-issue campaign understands neither abolitionist ethical veganism nor single-issue

campaigns (SICs).

Ethical veganism is the notion that we should not eat, wear, or use animals for human purposes. Ethical veganism reflects the view that we cannot distinguish among various types of animal exploitation for moral



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On Veganism and Being Fully Human ~ Dan Cudahy

Those who accept speciesism often do so because they believe humans

“superior” on the basis of rationality and empathy, but in a terrible

twist of irony, reject all rationality and empathy in refusing to

acknowledge sentience as the morally relevant characteristic on which

to base inclusion in the moral community. In refusing to apply such

rationality and empathy, they behave far worse than the nonhuman

animals toward whom they… Continue

Added by Carolyn Bailey on March 24, 2010 at 10:40 — 4 Comments

Euphoria? For Whom? ~~ Gary L. Francione

Dear Colleagues:

In my previous blog post, Partners in Exploitation, I discussed the various labeling schemes endorsed and promoted by HSUS, PETA, and other animal welfare corporations.

Well low and behold, yesterday, I went to the local Whole Foods Market, you know, the one to which PETA gave the Best Animal-Friendly Retailer award, and I picked up a copy of the Whole Foods magazine, “Whole Deal.”

And there was a coupon for “All Natural Brown Cow Parfaits,”… Continue

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In a Culture in Which Systematic Violence is the Norm, Standing for Non-violence is Radical. ~ Roger Yates

A tabloid journalist recently wrote blatant lies and gross distortions on my views on human-nonhuman relations. For example, he said that I believe that nonhuman animals have "all the same rights" as human

beings. To say such a silly thing shows that the man did not read my work; or failed to understand it, and has never read so much as a single page of animal rights…

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Basic Economics and Four Types of Advocacy ~ Dan Cudahy


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My views on animal liberation etc.

See for an interview I did for Abolitionist-Online a couple of years ago.

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On Violence

On Violence

Dear Colleagues:

Unfortunately, there are people who identify themselves as animal advocates who claim that the solution to the problem of animal exploitation is violence.

Some of these people have actually engaged in acts of violence against institutional exploiters. Others incite acts of violence by calling on people to use “intimidation” against animal exploiters…


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And You Wonder Why the Public Thinks That “Animal Rights” People Are Crazy? ~ Posted by Gary L. Francione

And You Wonder Why the Public Thinks That “Animal Rights” People Are Crazy?

Written by Gary L. Francione

Dear Colleagues:…


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