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Carolyn Bailey's Blog – June 2010 Archive (10)

On Violence ~ Professor Gary L. Francione

Dear Colleagues:

Unfortunately, there are people who identify themselves as animal advocates who claim that the solution to the problem of animal exploitation is violence.

Some of these people have actually engaged in acts of violence against institutional exploiters. Others incite acts of violence by calling on people to use “intimidation”…


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What 'divisive' means in the animal protection movement. ~ Dr. Roger Yates

I have grown used to hearing accusations that Gary Francione’s animal

rights position, in particular, is ‘divisive’.[1] As an animal rights

advocate, Francione claims that nonhuman animals who are sentient are

rights bearers. He is opposed to them being used by humans and regards

their use by humans as rights violations.

This seems to be a pretty standard way of expressing oneself if one takes… Continue

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Transcript of Kim Stallwood's ARZone Guest Chat of 19 June 2010

Transcript of Kim Stallwood's Guest Chat

19 June 2010 at:

  6pm US Eastern Time

11pm UKTime…


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Eating meat isn't natural ~ It's carnism ~ Katrina Fox

Cattle industry (Thinkstock:

You're sitting down to Sunday dinner and your host serves up a plate of roast lamb and vegetables, with all the trimmings. You tuck in, chewing the tender flesh, savouring the flavour and compliment the…


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On Cruelty Videos ~ Dan Cudahy

At least a few times every year, an animal welfare organization

sponsors an… Continue

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VegInspiration. Ripples that Radiate ~ Dr. Will Tuttle

VegInspiration. Ripples that Radiate…

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We Eat Meat Because We Can ~ Tim Gier

From Tim's blog ~

At the beginning of the last segment of a four part YouTube video of an interview with Animal Rights

Philosopher Tom Regan originally shown on Irish TV, a member of the

audience said this: “We… Continue

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Violence in Animal Rights ~ Roger Yates

Violence in Animal Rights.

I've had occasion to recently pull out some old files full of magazines and what not (looking for a… Continue

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