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When we imagine an ideal vegan world of the future, does religion still exist?

The above link is just an example of the religious rigidities that exist in the world and it is not my intention to single out any particular religion. I believe that most religions are inherently anthropocentric and how we treat other animals and the planet is dictated solely by our convenience. 

In my opinion, religion makes it hard for people to question their long held notions and their every day actions. It hinders accountability and promotes hypocrisy, such as showing compassion to certain creatures while allowing the suffering and death of others. 

Or are there merits to religion? It encompasses the widest audience and it's imperative that we should reach out to as many as we can if we are to ever live in a society that is non-exploitative.  

What are your thoughts about it?

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There are merits to religion IMO in the sense that it tends to promote social cohesion and structure rudimentary moral codes, but it also excludes (usually) animals and even some humans, as well as freezing moral codes in time so that there is little room for improving on old ideas. Of course religion is highly varied and I admit I'm speaking in very general terms not necessarily applicable to all religious adherents.

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