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    3 members Latest Activity: Dec 11, 2020

    for Animal Rights Zone

  • ヴィーガン・バディ

    4 members Latest Activity: Apr 10, 2012


  • Systematically Oppressed Vegans

    6 members Latest Activity: Nov 29, 2021

    For vegans who deal with any combination of sexism, racism, queerphobia, ableism as well as new-age bullying (which some of us with chronic health…

  • WDSF (Whale- and Dolphin Protection Forum)

    1 member Latest Activity: Jul 15, 2012

    After 10 years of intensive engagement to save whales and dolphins on a private basis and with the great supported of former “Flipper”-trainer…

  • Lawyers for Animals

    13 members Latest Activity: Nov 29, 2021

    This is a group for lawyers working in animal rights and interested parties to share experience in their work to obtain better conditions for…

  • Amici Vegani

    3 members Latest Activity: Jun 29, 2016

    Hai recentemente deciso di diventare vegano/a o stai pensando di diventare vegana/a? Se e' cosi', potrebbe interessarti contattare altri vegani…

  • Dino Sarma Recipes

    31 members Latest Activity: Jan 15, 2021

    Dino Sarma is the author of the amazing book, Alternative Vegan: Internation Vegan Fare Straight From the Produce Aisle. 

    Dino generously…

  • Vegan Buddies

    65 members Latest Activity: Mar 13, 2016

    Have you recently decided to become vegan? Are you thinking about becoming vegan? If so, you may benefit from friendly contact with vegans who…

  • Vegan Recipes Without Flour and Sugars

    7 members Latest Activity: Jun 29, 2016 for those with insulin issues that avoid flour and sugars but still want to train themselves in the vegan dietary discipline :)

  • Vegan Songwriters

    3 members Latest Activity: Feb 5, 2012 The GOAL of Vegan Songwriters is to develop singable lyrics that (a) let US vegans celebrate vegan values AND (b) move out to the PUBLIC an…

  • Transition Gardens

    17 members Latest Activity: Feb 22, 2015 Gardens play a role in the process of changing the indiviual lifestyle towards more awarness of being connected to the earth and all its beings and…

  • Vegan Recipes

    109 members Latest Activity: Jul 30, 2013

    Vegan cooking can be healthy and delicious! This is the place to share recipes and discussion about vegan foods.



  • Vegan SA

    4 members Latest Activity: Jun 29, 2016 The South African vegan directory

  • Vegan Hedonists

    18 members Latest Activity: Jun 29, 2016 For vegan's who love to cook and eat and love to share their love of food. A group that proves that being vegan means you enjoy the best known foods.

  • Vegan Messages of Love for Children

    22 members Latest Activity: May 31, 2014 This group is for vegans with children in their lives. If you have told a child about veganism, please join our group and tell others about your…

  • Abolition Of Speciesism

    73 members Latest Activity: Feb 13, 2018 We vegans, who believe in Animal Rights, depart from a moral framework based on sentience alone i.e. no one, human or nonhuman should be considered…

  • The World Peace Diet

    47 members Latest Activity: Jun 29, 2016 For people who have read or want to read the book by Will Tuttle, PhD.

  • Vegan and Proud

    102 members Latest Activity: Feb 13, 2018 For all of those vegans who are proud to not exploit and use animals for personal gain :)



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A place for animal advocates to gather and discuss issues, exchange ideas, and share information.

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