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Hello ARZoneers!

i wonder if any of you can help me? i am wanting to research the pro animal movement (rights , welfare, direct action ALF style and outer....ect) in scotland with a special interest in glasgow. am looking for information on:

- direct actions that have taken place

- the discourse surrounding tactics and how it has evolved and changed. 

- the dominant forms of activism at different times. 

- the organizations, groups and individuals that are dominant at different times. 

- changes in law and political discourse surrounding animal issues and when / why they have come about. 

- anything that has happened in glasgow! 

 i will hopefully be writing a pice for a university newspaper on nonhuman animals and the rights movement in Scotland, with a partial focus on glasgow, as well as outlining the vegan argument form various angles and possibly a bit of chat about what Scottish independence and the build up to it might mean for outer animals and the animal rights movement, or something along those lines. 

any information or good sources much welcome

thanks :)

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Hi Olly, I haven't been that active this side of the border (or been here that long) but do recall that Keith Mann's book 'Dusk Til Dawn' has a section on the movement in Glasgow in the 1980s. Sadly the two main protagonists he speaks of are both dead, but you may still find it useful.

Thanks for all the info Roger and Lise :) there does seem to have been a lot of direct action going on in Scotland in the 80s which seems to be in keeping with the general trend across the uk, very interesting tho! :)  I will definitely check out that book, thanks! I have heard a roomer about a group that burned down some butchers shops in Glasgow in the 80s but haven’t been able to confirm it.

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