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The Domination of the Feminine was a revelation to me; I had NO IDEA cows gave birth before giving milk. I went vegan because of it, really. It would be wonderful to see your individual experiences with the information or ideas within that chapter.

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|Where humans are involved animals are always deprived of free choice, so invariably suffer. Chickens are deprived of the chance to see their mothers and mothers their chickens because the eggs roll away in the units where the birds are imprisoned. The eggs are hatched together so the chicks always hatch out cheeping for something (mum) that never comes. That must amount to cruelty. Same for the hens always laying but nothing to sit on. All these animals are probably psychologically disturbed.Dogs are kept as breeding machines in puppy farms. I have pet and foster dogs. They will never again see their parents/siblings. Surely in the wild  dog like species-wolves- live in family groups unless an animal chooses to leave the pack. We interrupt relationships. Nasty bullies Humans.

If I didn't feel good about something I would not want to be a part of it. Farmers lie to excuse their behaviour because they know some people will express disapproval. This is why we MUST always tell people we are vegan /into Animal Rights or similar, so they can ask questions and learn.   I became vegan at age 18 because I had wanted to "stop eating animals " at age 7 , but was told by my mum that I would die. When I was 19/20 I met my old piano teacher in a health store. I said "Hello" and expressed surprise that she was in there. She told me she was a vegetarian. Had she told me when I was 12 I could have persuaded my mum to consider that option for me. As it was, I knew no vegetarians and knew nothing about what they ate. ( in 1960s)

Hello Grace and ARZ!  Wonderful to see your comment here! The World Peace Diet totally turned my world around.  I was already a long-time vegetarian and mostly vegan. I too was pretty ignorant about what exactly  was going on with the animals.  I immediately became a vegan and animal compassion advocate after reading Dr. Will’s book. 

I totally got it.  It validated everything I felt and knew in my heart but hadn’t quite put together yet.  The domination of the feminine, the core causes of our societal and personal dilemmas, the gross and subtle forms of harm.  I was busy truing to fix the world from the outside-in.  Will’s book made it clear that it would be a never ending job.  We must begin at the root. For anyone who is involved in activism, you must read this book. Even if you think you already know, read it anyway.  It has a way of continuing to expand your compassion, understanding, and comprehension long after the book is read.




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