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Hi Vegan & proud members, wonder if you can help.  The Vegan Festival in my city has accepted sponsorship from a superannuation company that invests in pharma companies that test on animals.  The festival has a clear policy of only vegan food/products at the festival, which is appropriate, but is ok with sponsorship from companies such as the one mentioned.  My concern that by the company's association with the festival, it is essentially being endorsed as appropriate for vegans, which it clearly is not.  Would like to be able to provide the festival organisers with an ethical policy or guidleines re sponsorship if anyone can help, cheers jj

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E-Mail the various groups that DO vegetarian food fairs.
Ask them for guidance.  Suggest that they NOT take funds or sponsorship (in kind?) from this company.

I don't know what the age of the company has to do with the ethical issue.  That may be your personal issue.


Thanks Maynard have aready suggested that the festival do not accept the sponsorship.  A bit baffled about your last two comments, age of company?  Can't see I've made any reference to that, anyway, was hoping that someone had some links to existing docs to save me some leg work, cheers julie 




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