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An ethical approach to life (and this planet) is, I believe, the way to go.

A sustainable way of life is also essential.

Some animals (and even plants!) are carnivores; some are vegetarian; some are omnivores. Before the Neolithic Revolution humans lived with nature. Scientists call pre-agricultural humans 'Hunters & Gatherers'. They had a very varied diet and hunted animals for their meat for over 2 million years.

12 thousand years ago humans first started growing crops and hunting animals. This revolution in our behaviour/technology started the civilisations of Humanity. It was a very successful strategy in the short term, but threatens, ultimately, life on the planet.

Our agricultural/industrial activity has produced a plague of humanity. The number of humans on the planet at present is unsustainable. A vegan solution to cater for an ever-expanding population is nonsensical. Apart from the ethical issue, cannibalism (such as was practised in South Sea Islands once) would make more sense.

It is no more ethically wrong for humans to eat meat than it is for a cat, or a pig (another omnivore). What is wrong, in my opinion, is cruelty. I have seen pigs slaughtered in an abattoir and I can attest to the cruelty involved. The 2 main issues, I think, is cruelty to sentient beings on the one hand, and gross overpopulation, on the other.

Remember, the worst monster in human history was Adolf Hitler, and he was a vegan!

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Comment by Andy Shirley on April 17, 2019 at 19:56

edit:- line 6 should say '12 thousand years ago humans first started growing crops and FARMING animals'


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