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Being vegan is difficult, and if it is going to mean anything, and result in anything, then it must be difficult.

Being vegan is not simply an individual life-style choice through which a person opts outs of consuming other conscious beings. Being vegan is a political and social statement against the oppression and subjugation of the many at the hands of the few.

Being vegan is the rejection of the violence of the state and established centers of power – the corporations, the institutions and the wealth – that serves to commodify all living beings for the benefit of the ruling class.

Being vegan isn’t about changing one’s own life, it is about re-imagining what it means to be human, letting go of the false notion that humanity is opposed to the natural, breaking down the false construction of humankind’s technological domination of the living earth and reconnecting ourselves to the life and love that flows through all of creation.

If you find this challenge difficult, it is because you understand what the challenge entails.

It is only in this understanding will we find any hope of creating meaningful and lasting change.


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Comment by Patrizia Setola on December 5, 2011 at 9:04

Except not being vegan would be even more difficult...



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