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Converting people to veganism. Don't be ashamed. Be proud.

This is in lue of being told (by people on VFF) that one should not be proud or claim credit for someone going vegan even if it's obvious they wouldn't of gone vegan without your information sharing and encouragement. They also claimed this because apparently going vegan is the 'choice' of the person alone. If that were so, we can discredit the suffragette movement because it's clear, by the logic presented by these VFF vegans, that the suffragette movement made no difference in changing people's views of women's rights. The same can be applied to any movement which hopes to change the minds of the masses for better. But of course, that is poppycock, because without the suffragettes and other such controversially acclaimed movements of their time, I wouldn't be sitting here typing this (I'm female), nor would some of the slave trade be abolished, and so on and so forth.

Contrary to the belief of some vegans, it is highly unlikely that there are many current vegans who have gone vegan purely through their own thought processes alone. I, for one, would've probably never gone vegan had it not been for the information within the videos on PETA opening my naive vegetarian eyes to the hypocritical life I was leading as a vegetarian. My fiance, whom went vegan before we started courting, would probably have never even considered vegetarianism, let alone veganism, had I not challenged his 'I'm an animal lover' statement...over the PS3 voice comm no less. From the discussion that ensued, I encouraged him to watch earthlings and to prove he was a real animal lover; give up meat, dairy, etc. He also received a copy of my Veganism Intro Guide via good old internet messenger service. Within about a week, he went vegan.

Now, it is obvious that due to me and my never ending hate for the 'I'm an animal lover' statement by omnivores (thus giving me credence to speak up), his lifestyle change occurred. Am I going to take credit for it? Yes I am. Just as I expect anyone who opens the eyes of others to take credit for conversion of a less animal friendly lifestyle to a more animal friendly lifestyle in another. Do I expect a myriad of applause for said conversion? No. But I'm not going to kid myself that my educating others has changed nobody's mind, and that my educating others has been meaningless and insignificant.

So, to all those who have shown others the path of true caring, I applaud you, and I purport you stand up, give yourself a well deserved pat on the back for coming through victorious - even with one person changed - when the mindsets of so many we have educated remains stubborn and unperturbed thus adding to our never ending frustrations as true animal lovers in a non animal friendly world.

~ Dynastygal/Chenli

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Comment by Tarah Millen on December 31, 2009 at 7:52
Kudos to you! I absolutely agree.


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