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"If you Care about Farm Animals ... Eat Them" ?!?!? ~ Jordan Wyatt

I was blown away by *the* new reader of my blog from the previous Open Letter to Erik Marcus post,  Hi number six!  I'd love it if you'd hang around, and listen to my podcast :-)  Consider this post a sequel.  And yes, that means it will be inferior, and is just a giant visitors-grab, I'm aiming for lucky seven :)

"If you care about Farm animals:  Eat them." the article begins

"Quite frankly, there's a lot of meat around here. I live in an agricultural Mecca known as Washington County. My region of Southwestern Vermont and Northeastern New York (which I lovingly refer to as Veryork) is thriving with small-scale, ethical, sustainable farms producing (within fifteen miles of my front door) beef, pork, turkey, chicken, rabbit, lamb, mutton, deer, emus, and spit-ready goats. There are trout-rich rivers, venison in the fields, pheasants-and-ducks-a-plenty, and even the occasional bear or squirrel stew. Protein sources like these, raised by my neighbors, friends, and coworkers are plentiful. When I found out I was surrounded by so much grass-fed meat and wild game it seemed ridiculous to keep eating tofu shipped in diesel rigs from California. "

Well Jenna, I hope you never visit a more densely populated area! "...with all these people around..."

This part in particular "... it seemed ridiculous to keep eating tofu shipped in diesel rigs from California..."

If Tofu is unavailable where you live ( and uh....I live at the bottom of the world...Tofu is easily available at every supermarket here...), why not make it yourself?  Certainly sounds a lot easier than fattening up away their piles of waste, killing them, getting rid of their blood, skeletons.... to process Soy Beans into Tofu!

"Since my reasons for being a vegetarian were entirely about avoiding factory-farmed meat: I decided it was time to start supporting the farmers who were raising animals the way I wanted them raised. It took a couple years to take that first bite, but now I am a proud and happy carnivore. I support local meat farmers, I raise my own animals for food, and I hunt wild game as well."

Damn those New Welfarists!  See what we've done?  Now its all about TREATMENT, ie "boy, that PETA video with animals being skinned alive...that moment when *IT* looked at me....gee willikers! When I buy my next fur coat, I'll make sure to buy from the Animal Rights Approved "killed before stripped of *IT'S* skin" range!  It costs more, but its worth it, its the RIGHT thing to do, the HUMANE thing.... because I love animals soooooo know..."

And where are all these supposed "Vegans who secretly lust for flesh"?  Do they have secret meat-porn websites they visit several times a day, showing high quality .JPG's of flesh, do they lick their screens?!?

When we are truthful about our own beliefs, including that INSANE idea that its a bad thing to hurt animals, then we avoid all these BIZARRE missteps!

"As a meat farmer myself, I feel as if I am on the front lines of factory-farm liberation. I am providing people with an option of local, grass-fed, healthy animals they can visit and see in person any time they wish instead of some factory-slaughter, diesel-shipped, airline loaded piece of frozen mutton from New Zealand."
Ha, damn New Zealanders!  Them and their evil, unsubsidised farming ways....wait, wasn't that meant to HELP the animals?  And what *has* Jenna got against diesel trucks?  Does she have one of those bumper stickers with Calvin peeing on a Diesel powered...  Or, did one just happen to drive past as she wrote her article?  :)

" a meat farmer....[I'm] on the front lines of factory-farm liberation..." hmm, perhaps the only person "in the front lines of (Animal) liberation" to realise Singers book is NOT about Animal Rights! 

"I am constantly told that our ability to choose means that we should opt away from eating animals. I say it is our ability to choose that proves that we are animals, and should eat accordingly. Our choice should not be "what" we eat, but "how" we eat."

Just like the proverbial SAFE Campaign wheel tick tick ticking past "Vegan Campaign" every single spin in recorded history....oooh, so close!  You agree we have the ability to choose what we do to others, well I *do* think we should "opt away from eating (other) animals".

Our choice on "*what*" to eat should never include a "*who*".  I wouldnt choose between which of my human friends to eat, "hmm, will it be Andy or will it be Randy?  You know, I think I'll go with Elizabeth...",  why would I pick between the nonhuman friends I love?

Of course, Jenna, surrounded by sooooo many people might choose otherwise.


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