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If you're vegan and on Facebook ~ Eating Consciously

Reposted from Eating Consciously - by Ed Coffin

If you’re vegan and on Facebook, it’s almost impossible to avoid seeing racist and disgusting statements SUCH AS THESE.  These ones were picked from merely a handful of posts in a matter of minutes.  They’re almost always related to photographs of dogs being slaughtered for meat somewhere in Southeast Asia.  Mostly, this hatred is directed at China and interestingly, most of the above comments came from photos that were taken in countries other than China.

Perhaps what’s most troubling about these comments are that the people posting them claim to be “vegan.”  Quite frankly, people like this are anything but.  As part of a commitment to nonviolence and eschewing oppression in all forms, racism can play no role in the vegan movement, nor should it be tolerated.  Sadly, it’s very rare that anyone on the comment threads calls these bigots out on their hatred and honestly, their ignorant and highly inconsistent viewpoints.

Surely, we expect Western people to be startled by images of “pets” being slaughtered for food, but as vegans, we should be the first to understand that these heinous acts are certainly no different from the ways in which we exploit and kill animals in this hemisphere.  Having the understanding that all animals deserve the same compassion and respect as animals we view as pets is a core philosophy among vegans, so the fact that these people don’t understand that is yet another indicator that these people aren’t actually vegan, beyond their blatant racism and violent ideologies.

Truthfully, these people tend to lack any general understanding regarding the real issues that need to be addressed surrounding animal exploitation.  They clearly are incapable, or unwilling, to understand that there are vegans in China, just as in every other country, and that consuming dogs and cats in nations beyond the one you’ve been socially conditioned to is a completely normal part of their culture.  It seems as though these people just use their “compassion for animals” as a front to espouse their racism.  

As a community, we need to begin exposing these people and their statements for what they are and explain to them that we will not tolerate this type of behavior as a movement based on the principles of nonviolence and compassion.  It’s certainly plausible that some of these people are just ignorant and need some education, but it appears that most of them are just hellbent on arousing emotions by posting violent images and using that as a platform to promote hate.

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Comment by Hand In Hand With Asia on September 5, 2012 at 20:33

Great article and so true. I work with Asian activists and time and again I have had private messages from Chinese activists saying how hurt it makes them, seeing all the racism and vilification for a whole nation. No country is free of animal atrocities but having worked together with Chinese activists, I know that they are some of the most hardworking, dedicated and unselfish people around. They fight against the dog and cat meat trade but because inside China doesn't have facebook, they use their own social networking sites to spread messages of help. This is why we see the dogs rescued from slaughter in our media. It's the Chinese people who get it out there. Thanks also Billy for posting the link to our facebook group. If anyone wants to see what Asian AR is all about, free from the racism, you are welcome to join us  :o)

Comment by Carolyn Bailey on September 5, 2012 at 17:58
I find it confusing that, when Australia slaughters and eats kangaroos, the USA, horses, Canada, seals, Europe, dolphins, Africa, lions ... etc etc etc, China is constantly singled out. Seriously? Apparently vegan education would be helpful for those who regard themselves as 'vegans' as well.
Comment by Anthony Marr on September 5, 2012 at 14:25

It never ceases to amaze me how some SO-CALLED AR activists can so breezily say "BOMB CHINA" or "NUKE CHINA".  I often do not have to check that person's page to know that they are American.  It seems to be in their mind set, if not way of life, to bomb another country they don't like, without passing the thought through their craniums that if they bomb another country, they are also killing the animals, and the children, and even the activists, in that country.  On the other hand, China has never bombed another country, ever.  I'm not anti-American, but I have to say that animal abuse in America is much more diverse than that in China, including recreational hunting, trophy hunting (not a Chinese pastime), rodeo (not Chinese either), factory farming (not Chinese either until introduced from the West), vivisection, animal circuses, snapfest, a meat-centered diet (big fat steak in the center of the plate, whereas the Chinese diet is rice-centered, surrounded by vegetables, and a little meat if the person is not vegetarian)... In terms of religion, Chinese Buddhism espouses compassion for animals and vegetarianism (vs you know what Western religion).  But all this said, I have to say that the vast majority of my true ARA friends are American, and they activism is more diverse, as it should be.

Comment by Billy L on September 5, 2012 at 11:15

For something positive to focus on in regard to this post, have a look at Hand In Hand with Asia's Animal Activists . -


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