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"Fighting for animal liberation and an end to speciesism". - 

I'm with that every inch of the way. Where I perhaps differ from others here is in the order of my priorities.

Firstly, some issues seem to me much more urgent than others. In particular, where species are faced with extinction because they have been robbed of too much territory, is a much more urgent matter than the daily diet of those fighting for the survival of these animals.

Secondly, I don't believe in equal rights for animals. I believe that the human race, by virtue of their crimes against animals, have accumulated so much bad karma that it is even questionable whether they can redeem themselves from these crimes. For the moment, they must be considered to have no "human rights" at all.

Within our human race, we are all, each one, responsible for the actions of all. The crime of one is the crime of all. We can atone, if we put the welfare of animals BEFORE our own, until the dwindling numbers of animals due to human robbery of territory, are reversed by the return of territory to its rightful owners. 

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Comment by Carolyn Bailey on November 14, 2013 at 6:15

Hi Gurth, 

Welcome to ARZone! Thanks for telling us a little about yourself. I think you make a valid point in regard to the problem with habitat destruction, and some species becoming endangered because their worlds are being taken away from them. We have a real problem with that here in Queensland, Australia with koala populations at the moment, and it's a major concern. 

However, perhaps from an animal rights perspective, which would maintain  that all individuals be accorded equal consideration, the life of a chicken or a fish should be of no lesser concern than that of a koala. I think it would be devastating, on so many levels, if we were to loose the koala as a species, but I would have greater concern for each individual koala, than for the species as a whole. 


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