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A while ago a young lady posted a blog in regards to a lot of horses owned by "KIM HOLLINGSWORTH" in nsw. Well the RSPCA are now seizing those horses!!! Its a great day FOR ANIMAL LOVERS AND ACTIVISTS EVERYWHERE. And its a great day for some of the horses. Being saved after all this time of being grossly neglected by former prostitute KIM HOLLINGSWORTH. So to all those people that gave that young lady who posted the blog a hard is your humble pie served with some egg on your face!!!!

A successful protest rally was held at yagoona RSPCA and a lot of people never gave up they fought for these horses and it has paid off. Congratulations to you all you should be so proud for not giving up and so very proud for helping the horses, i take my hat off to you all. This is what real people who care are all about.

Where is KIM HOLLINGSWORTH now? with all her fake comments and clap trap?? 


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Comment by Jean Coward on July 19, 2012 at 21:18

I need to get away from the KH topic for a moment but what on earth is this about horses being used for entertainment purposes and subjected to being ridden written by Carolyn. Horses were once the only mode of transport, horses went to battle and fought wars as there was no other form of transportation and horses tended to fields. Without the horse being subjected to humans your freedom and your life would not be possible today and the world would not be as we know it today and history would have been changed to lets see...nothing at all because horses made things possible. In fact when they got rid of horses for cars lets see, that destroyed nature, caused massive pollution, increased deaths through car accidents.  Should i continue?? Horses being used was actually a much better way of life but feel free to go pollute the air in your car instead and buy groceries with farms tilled my machinery :-)

Comment by Carolyn Bailey on July 19, 2012 at 20:47

I happen to be one of the admins of this site, Phil, and I am aware of exactly what transpired in regard to Kate and the post that she chose to delete previously. Please, feel free to email me all of the screenshots that you claim to have at 

The fact that humans chose to dominate and commodify another animal a long time ago does not make that domination, objectification and oppression acceptable or morally justifiable, and certainly not something of which one must "get with the times" in order to accept. 

Comment by phill mckraken on July 19, 2012 at 20:40

I do believe Kate offered all the proof via the face book page, the fact remains that the horses being seized will now be fed rugged and rehomed if they are not put to sleep due to being too far gone. It is a great day despite what you or anyone else thinks. And yes kate was given a hard time mostly from the admins of this site would you like to see the screen shots? And she was banned she did not delete her blog or the comments. This site banned her. Anyway my point has been made here the public are aware of the neglect and something is being done. Im off now to pat my horses that i keep for my entertainment they are so well looked after. Unlike some. Get with the times, we are not in the dark ages where animals roamed free humans domesticated the horse a very long time ago. Deal with it.

Comment by Carolyn Bailey on July 19, 2012 at 20:26

No-one gave Kate a "hard time" for her post in ARZone of a few months ago. That is inaccurate. Kate was asked to provide some evidence of her claims, and was unable to do so. ARZone members asked Kate and her supporters to substantiate their claims. Kate chose not to do so and chose to delete her post along with every comment that had been made. That was very unfortunate. 

You have claimed that the seized horses will receive "Justice". I believe they are being help at a University at this time. What will be their fate? Will they be sold to humans who will continue to use them for their entertainment? Will they be forced to submit to humans climbing on them and dominating them for the rest of their lives, or will they be slaughtered and sold as food? 

Which part of this is "justice" for these individuals, and which part is a "great day for animal lovers and activists everywhere"? 

Comment by Jennifer on July 19, 2012 at 19:49

Oh my it all makes sense. Charlotte is Kim. Thankyou Phill for your support ! Its a great day for these horses, and everyone who fights for animal justice. Keep pressure on what you believe in, and fight on, eventually someone will listen :)


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