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Why don't you react for your local dolphinarium instead of spending...

I have been reading all sorts of documents on animal rights and I must say I am very appauled by the lack of commitment on behalf of governments and the EU even to save the destroyed nature before it is too late.

It is late I think. It is late and nobody is doing anything.

There is a USA academic in Facebook who keeps posting the most depressive news about nature you could ever reach at. A forest is sold, a river is under corporate ownership, a powerful and famous NGO for 'animal rights' is welfarist and notabolitionist, and such sad news...

He is what we call 'radical', or 'extemist' animal advocate. At times you get a feeling he is a misanthropist. There are so many posts about humans who are the only and sole culprit in this situation.

And then we have the NGOs who are yelling the opposite. Their messages are mixed joy with bad news. They use the bad news to attract members and through members monetary support. I don't get the 'donate' part on their websites. As I don't get the 'pay to see captive animals' for zoos. Somehow for me, it is the same attitude, lets call it ''attitude''... and not something out of the dictionary of political systems...

I once said that I am a bit let down by NGOs given that they are around for decades now not really achieving what they promise, and fellow minded animal advocate responded to me in a mix of sarcasm and despair I guess: ''so who will do the work? your madness and my madness alone will save animals?''. (I did not know it is already obvious that I am 'mad'!!!)

I replied to her ''YES!!!!"

My favorite live webcam showing Norwegian Fjords, which
in about 50 years according to EU statistics will have melt away....

I disagree with a complete uncritical love for NGOs. A lot (if not the majority actually) of NGOs have a welfarist agenda hidden or unhidden, and they are the ones heard in media most often than those with an abolitionist agenda. 

This is a huge problem because our animal love and efforts is smudged by these NGOs who act like a curtain to the world's real problems and the horrendous and vicious backstage of dolphinaria, zoos, exotic animal trade etc.

Let's get over the blinders, if we can at least try a bit...This entertainment business is supported by a mix of government's being unwillful to embrace a more holistic view of the world as it comes down into pieces lately (global warming etc) and also a lack of legislation coming from those governments, that would enforce measures in favor of nature and of dignity for the 'animal kingdom' in relation to humans.

Creating theatrical shows involving unnatural behaviour by wild animals that were never domesticated (as dogs, horses, pigs etc are) is taking away not only their dignity but also human's dignity towards himself and the world we happen to live on: earth.

I urge anyone reading this and is not corrupt down to the core yet with illusions of ''zoo conservation'' and other such LIES the zoo business tells us all the time, to create a blog against his or her local dolphinarium or zoo, in your very city. This is how you get things forward.

In Cyprus for example, it is locals who closed down the dolphinaria operating there under Russian ownership (they put dolphins in night clubs with loud music and all dolphins died).

We cannot do much by clicking 'likes' in Facebook. This is not bad either, but it is not ''ACTIVISM''.

What about your local dolphinarium? Your local zoo? Why do you tolerate that and then watch 'The Cove' and care for what happens in Taiji Japan?

It doesn't make sense to me, how does this makes sense to you? Please open a blog and share your feelings against exotic animals being used by your local businessmen in your own city and country. This way is the only way to get a bit forward. NGOs and even governments cannot do miracles and they would not even care unless they see that a lot of their citizens care... It is YOUR WORK that will change the abuse you hate so much around us... Don't expect others to do everything for you!

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Comment by Anna Zinonos on September 10, 2011 at 10:59


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