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I'm writing this about a real life action HERO who needs our support in
this trying time. Yes they do exist folks! Or at least one does.
The member of the anti-whaling group "The Sea Sheperds" Peter Bethune was
arrested back in February for trying to make a citizens arrest against
the Japanese captain of the whaling ship the Shonan Maru II. If any of
you watch Whale Wars on Animal Planet you will recognize him as the
Captain of the Ady Gil the newest defense vessel of the Sea Shepard
fleet. Peter joined the team last season. During an attempt to stop
the whaling ship by merely slowing it down, the Ady Gill was hit
deliberately and disabled permanently. There were no injuries, but it
was a direct attempt to cause them, or even death. Peter and the rest
of the Sea Shepard team tried repeatedly to gain the support of the New
Zealand authoritys to seek justice in this matter. They were not
helped at all! Peter boarded the Shonan Maru to make a citizens arrest
of the captain who had carelessly rammed his vessel and put his crew and
himself in grave danger of death.
Making a citizen arrest against a whaling ship captain was not un-presidented. It was achieved by
another anti-whaler not so long ago.
Peter however was taken by the Japanese captain and crew of the Nishu Maru II, held for hours then
turned over to the Japanese authorities. Facing multiple charges, Peter
is facing up to 15 years in jail.
On a sad note the Sea Shepard Organization has disassiociated themselves with him and he now faces
this alone. New Zealand is the governing authority over the waters
where this happened. They are also not helping Peter or trying to seek
justice for the ramming of the Ady Gill and the "attempted murder" of
Peter and his crew.
As you all know I try not to miss an opportunity to make a difference in the increasingly unfair treatment of our animal
kingdom. Peter is now being punished for doing the same as well as
protecting human life.
The Japanese have continued to hunt and kill whales at an alarming rate despite the National Ban on whaling, and
claim that it is for "research!" In reality only a very small amount of
the Whales body even goes to research and this is usually after they
have been harvested for the open food market and other companies.
So I beg you to please take the time to look at this and decide for
yourselves if it is worth getting involved! I know for myself that I
will not rest until he is released and the captain of the Shonan Maru is
Thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts, and please keep Perter and the Whales in yours and your prayers!
I also want to add that although the Sea Sheperds are now not associated
with Peter, they have and continue to fight for the Whales of these
Oceans. And as it is not right to not be backing him they have saved
many, many Whales over the years and are directly responsible for
setting in motion the National Ban.


Anti-whaling activist Peter Bethune could face up to 15 years in prison.

Bethune is being tried on five criminal charges, three related to boarding the Japanese whaling fleet's security
vessel Shonan Maru 2 in the Southern Ocean. He has conceded four of the
charges but has contested an assault charge over allegedly hurling a
bottle containing butyric acid, or rancid butter.

Thank you again and Blessings!!!


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Comment by OneCrow on June 29, 2010 at 8:48
I don't think they should have abandoned him either. It is a shame indeed! And yes I feel that we are responsible for the creature beings of this planet because they are the greatest gifts ever given us by the creator. Thank you for the replies! Blessings all!

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Comment by blackpanther on June 29, 2010 at 8:19
I agree with Carolyn, for me, it's a shame that sea shepherd decided to abandon him in this difficult situation! He must feel quite alone now!!!!! you don't do that to a member of your crew!!!
Comment by OneCrow on June 26, 2010 at 14:35
Thank you Carolyn! I agree about the respect. It is just not right for the New Zealand authorities to not at least seek justice for the Japanese Whaling vessel running over the Ady Gil when It could have been avoided. I heard about the bow and arrow. I still feel he is a hero to the Whales he is bold and brave and does not deserve to be abandoned. The crew of the Nishu Maru II or maybe the Shonan Maru I or II, became violent first. Throwing nuts and bolts into the small boats that were close to them. And they even tried to take the helicopter down with the pilot in it. They had not been this aggressive in the past. And I really do believe that Peter thought his crew was in grave danger. They make no mistake by calling this War because it certainly is. Blessings my friend!

Comment by Carolyn Bailey on June 26, 2010 at 13:23
Hi OneCrow,

The reason SS gave for deserting Pete was because he apparently carried a bow and arrows aboard the Ady Gil, which they say contravened their policy of direct but non violent action.

The NZ Govt, who also supported Japan in the latest attempt to reintroduce commercial whaling, were never going to support anything the SS did in the Southern Ocean, nor were the Australian Govt. The SS and all aboard were always well aware of that.

That said, Pete was acting on behalf of the SSCS when he boarded the Japanese vessel, he was not acting alone. Fot SS to abandon Pete in the middle of this trial is a disgrace, and will reflect very poorly on SS and their supporters for years to come.

As someone who has been an avid supporter of SS for a long time, and has admired Capt. Watson, I certainly find it inexcusable, regardless of their poor and tacky excuse, to abandon this man midway through his trial. I know Paul Watson is an intelligent man, but this decision is difficult to understand.

No-one worthy of my respect would ever abandon their mate or their colleague under such circumstances. I personally think it's disgraceful behaviour.

Pete may not be a hero, but he's a man of strong character who has my complete respect. I hope he is afforded the same respect from the Japanese authorities, but based on the treatment they've given the Tokyo 2, I doubt they're capable of seperating the truth from their own agendas.

Here's a good article from NZ about this topic:



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