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The Army of the 12 Monkeys ~ Tim Gier

Sometimes things seem so hopeless, the odds so stacked against us, the obstacles

so great, that we want to lash out. If we could only grab the world by
their collective shoulders and shake some sense into them. Why can’t
people see what we can so plainly see?

Our cause is just and our motives are pure. Perhaps it is time to take action, to take it to the streets, to bring our anger to the worst of the abusers, to fight fire with fire. Perhaps now is the time for
revolution and armed resistance. Maybe now we should be willing to die
for our cause.

Let us begin by defining our enemies; we must know who it is we will bring our fight to.

First we must face down the owners of slaughterhouses, who profit from the blood and deaths of millions. Surely they must feel our wrath.

Next, let us take on the slaughterhouse workers, who wield their knives slitting the throats of the innocents.

We cannot forget the transporters too, who bring these poor creatures to meet their certain final fate. They are the engineers on the trains to these modern death camps.

The stock-holders too, who prop up these brutal industries, trading blood soaked scripts in the pursuit of profits and investments, they too are active participants in the carnage.

The grocery stores, the farmer’s markets, the restaurants. All of them are our enemies too, as they serve up the carcasses of the fallen, in neat little packages, and on dinner plates. They are a link in the
chain of horrors.

Our neighbors and relatives too, as they start their grills, and stand with “baby back ribs” and “tasty burgers” dripping with the crimson tears of the downtrodden. Even they are not innocent and so must
face the army of justice.

No-one, it seems, can be safe from assault. No-one is without blame.

We must fight everyone, always and everywhere, to satisfy our desire for justice. No matter whose blood is spilled, whose property destroyed, whose peace is threatened. Our cause is so just, whatever it takes to
accomplish the goal, by any means necessary, or so I am told.

And when we finally are done, and all of our enemies vanquished, and the world is laid waste, what will we have accomplished, and who will we have saved, when we have sold our souls to the devil himself?

In the face of seeming insurmountable odds against us, now is the time not to embrace violence, not to succumb to the forces of destruction, for on that pathway lies madness.

There is a better way. It seems like inaction, but it accomplishes all. It seems like passivity, but it is irresistible. Being good, does good, it is good, it manifests good.

Be good.

Go vegan.

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Comment by blackpanther on August 11, 2010 at 1:50
you're right, but the path will be long , as we say in french.....


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