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Transcript of Captain Paul Watson's Guest Chat of 9 October 2010

Transcript of Captain Paul Watson’s ARZone Chat

9 October 2010 at:

6pm US Eastern Time

11pm UK Time

And 10 October 2010 at:

8am Brisbane Time 


Carolyn Bailey

ARZone would like to welcome Captain Paul Watson as today’s chat guest.

Paul Watson is the founder of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and Co-Founding Director Greenpeace Foundation

Paul majored in communications and linguistics at Simon Fraser University in British Columbia. He has lectured extensively at universities around the world, and was a professor of Ecology at Pasadena College of Design from 1990 through to 1994. Paul was also an instructor in UCLA's Honors Program for 1998 and 1999.


Currently, Paul is a registered speaker with the Jodi Solomon Speakers Bureau of Boston, and regularly gives presentations at colleges and universities in the United States, and at special events throughout the world. Over the years, Paul has exhibited a remarkable diversity in his activism. Aside from being a co-founder of Greenpeace in 1972, Greenpeace International in 1979, and founder of Sea Shepherd in 1977; Paul was a Field Correspondent for Defenders of Wildlife between 1976 and 1980. He was a field representative for the Fund for Animals between 1978 and 1981, and a representative for the Royal Society for the Protection of Animals in 1979. He co-founded Earthforce Environmental Society in 1977 and Friends of the Wolf in 1984.

Paul’s primary interest is in defending and protecting marine life in our oceans. It is his deepest passion and it is a fight that he has been involved in all his life, a fight that he shall never retire from and will continue until the day he dies.

Paul is Captain and Educator, Author and Lecturer, Fund-raiser and Film-maker, Executive Director and Marine Conservationist.


Paul has generously agreed to engage ARZone members today on topics ranging from Sea Shepherd, his early activism and his philosophies in general. Would you please say hello to Paul and welcome him to ARZone.


Jason Ward

Hello Paul

Josh Nicholson

Hey there Paul


Welcome Paul!

Carolyn Bailey

Welcome, Paul!



Sea Shepherd Pirate

Hey Paul

Jason Ward


Ines ARA

Hello Capt

Greetings from England


Yay! Hi Paul, MY HERO!

Adrian Nixk

Hello from Orlando, Florida



Hello from Victoria, BC

Sea shepherd fan

Hi Paul

Ashley Jankowski

Hello and welcome Paul :-)


Hello Paul

Alison Edwards

Happy Thanksgiving Paul!


Jason Van Buren

Welcome mate

Sea shepherd fan

Hi from Miami


Hello from Denmark (not proud of it - blame my family)


Hey Paul from Mission Viejo, CA

Tina Marie

Hello Captain, Excited to have you here with us :-)


Welcome Paul :-D


Welcome from Phoenix Arizona


Hello, Captain.



Victoria White

Pennsylvania welcomes YOU!

Justin Simpson

Hello Paul

Sea shepherd fan

You’re my hero

Connor Stewart

Hi from Scotland

Robert Mairesse

Hello, Sir.

Rose Burgett

Welcome Captain from space coast USA

Kelly Murphy

A huge hello from your place Canada. We love yah!


Hey, Paul!


Hello from Washington state!



Eline Ross

Hey thanks for having time for us

Oshua elias

Hi from Wisconsin



Very thrilled to be here. Much love from Texas. :-)

Neil vad

Come to Prague Paul. Will treat you to a great vegan meal

Adrian nic

Thank you for everything you do Paul. I love Sea Shepherd!

Ceci M

Welcome Cappy!

Sea Shepherd fan


Robert Forsey

Stop the fining in Nova Scoita

Ranson Stark

Hi Carolyn

Carolyn Bailey

Before we begin, I’d like to ask all members to refrain from interrupting Paul while he is responding to questions. Paul will be asked questions which have been earlier submitted first, then, time permitting; we’ll open the chat up for all members to engage Paul.

During this time it will be necessary to send a private message to either myself, Jason Ward or Roger Yates to signify your intention to engage Paul, in order to keep order, and enable Paul the opportunity to reply to as many members as possible.

I’d now like to ask Paul’s first question on behalf of Tammy McLeod who was unable to be here:

How did you become interested in animal protection? Was there a defining moment for you?

Paul Watson
I was raised in an Eastern Canadian fishing village and I used to swim with the beavers in the beaver ponds. Then the next year when I returned all the beavers were gone. I was told trappers had taken them and I became quite angry and that winter I began to walk the trap lines and free live animals from leghold traps and I would then destroy the traps.

When I was 18 I was the youngest founding member of Greenpeace. That was in Vancouver.

Carolyn Bailey

Thanks for that, Paul. The next question is from Tim Gier, which will be asked on his behalf by Roger Yates, go ahead, Roger.


Roger Yates:

Hi Paul. You've said more than once that Sea Shepherd isn't an animal rights group and that you personally are vegetarian for reasons other than ones based on ethical animal rights. Understanding that the mission of SSCS is one of conservation, have you considered the ethical arguments for veganism and animal rights and rejected them, or do you accept them and just not focus on them for reasons having to due with public support, coalition building, expediency or something else?

Paul Watson

Wit violates the 3rd law of ecology that there is a limit to carrying capacity - the law of finite. To raise one salmon on a salmon farm requires catching 70 fish from the sea resources. Chickens eat more fish than puffins and albatross. The Danes catch the sand eels that the puffins eat in the North Sea to feed to factory farmed chickens in Denmark. To raise one salmon on a salmon farm requires catching 70 fish from the sea.

We are literally eating the oceans alive and if the oceans die, we all die.

Carolyn Bailey

Thanks for that Paul

Roger Yates

Thanks Paul

Next question comes from Carolyn Bailey.

Carolyn Bailey

Thanks, Roger. There has been research which indicates the possibility of whales beaching themselves being caused by starvation. If this is correct, the whales are starving because humans are eating their food, obviously. I'd like to ask what, that you're aware of, is being done to draw attention to this issue and more specifically if Sea Shepherd have any educational initiatives put in place to make people aware of this.

Paul Watson

Everything in the oceans is being diminished.

Now they want to "harvest" krill and without any studies about the impact that will have on the foundation for food for all marine species. All marine mammals are endangered. I would say most fish are endangered. Oil spills are horrific of course but an even greater killer is plastic pollution, killing turtles, fish and birds. The oceans are dying and that is a reality.

We need to view the Earth as a Spaceship. That is in effect what it is. The biosphere is the life support system for this ship. There are two types of species onboard. Crew and passengers. The crew run the ship and maintain the life support system. The passengers just have a good time. The crew are the bacteria, the insects, the worms, the fish etc., and us passengers will be unable to support ourselves. We will die.

Carolyn Bailey

Thanks, Paul

Jason Ward

Next question is from Barbara DeGrande

Barbara DeGrande

You have worked extensively to preserve marine life, yet the current situation for the world's oceans and the lives contained therein is getting more precarious every day. There does not appear to be any end to deepwater drilling and the dangers inherent in that practice. There does not appear to be any end to fishing, capturing, or otherwise using marine animals for human purposes. How does that knowledge impact your activism and how do you keep going in the face of such disastrous evidence?

Paul Watson

What we have is a thing I call the economics of extinction.

The economy coming before Mitsubishi is investing in the extinction of the Bluefin tuna. They have built giant refrigerated warehouses, and the bluefin are being packed into these warehouses. The more fish in the warehouse, the less in the sea. The less in the sea the greater the value of the fish in the warehouse. Mitsubishi already has a five year stockpile. They would like a 10 to 15 year stockpile. If the Bluefin goes extinct the only source of Bluefin will be frozen in warehouses, and they will be able to set their own price. The bluefin is the most expensive fish in the world. One fish sells on average for $75,000. How do we help stop this?

I am vegan but I think it is vital for others to stop eating the oceans as well. The oceans are being looted by corporations. The corporations have no interest in fishing in the future. It is short term investment for short term gain. When the "resource" is used up, they simply move on to something else to exploit. Many Chefs are taking action by not serving Bluefin or Swordfish for example. Sea Shepherd believes that no one should be eating fish. We need to give these creatures a rest from our remorseless exploitation.

Obama has been a very big disappointment, the first President since Reagan to sell out the whales. Democrats seem to get away with this stuff. People would have been screaming if the Republicans had done what Obama did.

Roger Yates

The next OFFICIAL! Q comes from Carolyn Bailey

Paul Watson

OK standing by

Carolyn Bailey

Official questions will be introduced by me, Roger or Jason.

Paul Watson

Got it

Carolyn Bailey

As a follow-up to Tim Gier’s earlier question, a lot of “animal people” continually insist on classing SSCS as an animal rights organisation, despite the word “conservation” being quite clear in the name. I believe that the direct action of Sea Shepherd is attractive to many people and they therefore like to claim SS as part of their own ideology.

Would you like to clear this issue up for us, as I believe in classing SS as an animal rights organisation, unrealistic expectations are placed on SS.

Paul Watson

We are a marine wildlife and habitat conservation organization. We believe that veganism is an answer to many ecological problems. The meat industry produces more greenhouse gas emissions than the auto industry. That’s why I said that a vegan driving a hummer contributes less to greenhouse gas emissions than a meat eater riding a bicycle, but Sea Shepherd promotes veganism as an answer to mitigating our damage to the environment.

Carolyn Bailey

Thank you for clearing that up, Paul. Next question will be asked by Jason Ward, go ahead, Jay

Jason Ward

Thanks Carolyn...

There has been some controversy raised by footage filmed for the whale wars series that some critics would say has been staged to gain sympathy and dramatic headlines for the SSCS. For example the bullet that you claim to be shot by does not resemble a bullet to many ballistic experts and no gunmen are seen onboard the Japanese whaling ship. There are also allegations that the Ady Gil was ordered to let sink rather than be pulled to rescue because it would generate more publicity than a damaged ship. What do you say to the critics who say “Paul Watson and Sea Shepherd with their controversial tactics are not above blatant lying in order to draw emotional publicity to their cause?”

Paul Watson

They need to demonstrate some evidence to back up their unsubstantiated accusations. The bullet and the vest were presented by me to the Australian Federal Police for a forensic examination. The police refused to look at the evidence citing that it was not their jurisdiction. I did have the bullet examined by a U.S. Federal agent and he said it was a shotgun slug. It was near spent when it hit me. So the truth is, I can't prove I was shot and no-one can prove that I was not. That's the trouble with international waters. No jurisdiction.

The science on this is the opposite. The impact of a bullet is never greater than the recoil of the shooter. The doctor examined me and made a report of the bruising. I think it will be a conspiracy theory for years to come! Myth busters could look at it maybe? I would cooperate with them if they did.

Now, the scuttling. All the evidence is on our website. I did not order Pete Bethune to scuttle the Ady Gil after it was rammed. I could not have done so because it was his ship and he is on camera making the decision. It was the right decision to make; the Ady Gil could not be saved.

Jason Ward

Interesting, thanks for your reply

Carolyn Bailey

Thanks again, Paul. Matthew Brown would now like to address you, go ahead, Matthew.

Matthew Brown:

Hi Paul :-) Greetings from Spain. My question is: Why do the Japanese whaling fleet only hunt whales in Antarctica and never in their own waters or that of another country? Kind Regards Matthew

Paul Watson

They do hunt illegally in the North Pacific also; they kill some 22,000 dolphins in their own waters every year. About 2,000 in Taiji and about 20,000 Dall's porpoise in the Northern waters of Japan.

Carolyn Bailey

Thanks, Paul. Patryja Art would like to ask the last question of the formal questions now, please go ahead, Patryja

Patryja Art

Ok that's me. First of all - Captain - my great respect and honour. My question is how you see spirituality connected with environmental activism - example - first Greenpeace activists were initiated to Native Indian tribe after their action. Do you feel the influences of spirituality consciousness in your activism?

Paul Watson:

I am not spiritually connected. I live my life in accordance to the three laws of ecology.


  1. The law of diversity. That the strength of an eco-system is dependent upon diversity of species within it.
  2. The law of interdependence that all species are interdependent with each other, and 
  3. The law of finite resources that there is a limit to growth and a limit to carrying capacity no species can survive that lives outside these laws. My religion I suppose is ecology. I am a deep ecologist or a biocentrist.

Patrycja Art:

I see, thanks!

Carolyn Bailey:

At this stage I'd like to sincerely thank Paul for his patience in replying to some excellent questions from our members. I'll now open the chat up for others to engage Paul, but PLEASE, message me or Roger or Jay if you wish to engage Paul.

I'd like to ask Kellie Payne to address Paul first, go ahead, Kel

Kellie Payne:

Hi Paul, Qld Australia - what do you think of the Aussie government stating that they would take a stand against Japan in the Rudd election, and now only taking thru the courts now, plus have you heard any news of the outcome?

Paul Watson:

I never expect much from governments. At least Australia is pro whale and not pro whaling but they have come under a great deal of economic pressure from Japan.

Kellie Payne:

Are they? I heard they were selling the whales out.

Paul Watson:

At least now we have a good chance with the Greens being the balance of power in Australia.

Kellie Payne:


Paul Watson:

Senator Bob Brown is passionate about whales and the forests, and if he could only become Prime Minister that would make a difference.

Kellie Payne:

Thank you Paul and we can only dream.

Paul Watson:

It may not be a dream. It could happen.

Jason Ward:

Next up we have a question from Carolyn Bailey.

Carolyn Bailey:

Thanks, I'd like to ask this question on behalf of Imber. Could you please give your feelings on zoos and aquariums, Paul? Thanks

Paul Watson:

The aquarium trade is what is driving the Taiji dolphin slaughter. The model for the aquarium being an educational facility can be found in Monterey. Sea World is a circus and the animals die. The emergence of aquariums in Africa, Asia and South America and the Middle East is fueling the demand for captures. That is why Ric O'Barry is presently in Egypt, trying to block the sale of dolphins to an aquarium there.

Jason Ward:

Alison Edwards has the next question go ahead Alison when you are ready.


Alison Edwards:

Paul, you used to live in British Columbia, Canada. Considering the phenomenal biodiversity we have on the west coast. I would like to know what kind of marine conservation work have you done here.

Paul Watson:

I am in Vancouver today actually. And I live on the border in Friday Harbor. We have had campaigns in this region, a campaign to protect salmon from seiners and of course our intervention against plans by the Makah Indian tribe to slaughter whales. Primarily however, we concentrate on deep sea issues.

Carolyn Bailey:

Ceci has the next question for Paul- go ahead Ceci

Ceci M

Thanks C.! Hello from Florida Captain! What is your take on the situation with all sharks, especially the GW, knowing how slowly they reproduce? How many years do we have left to stop this murderous abuse before they are beyond saving? Thank you!

Paul Watson:

Yes the shark trade is a very serious situation. We are working primarily in the Galapagos on this trying to enforce anti-poaching laws. If we can't stop it there we won't be able to stop it anywhere. This year we installed a 1 million Euro AIS system to track all vessels coming into Galapagos waters. We have a full working relationship with the Galapagos Park rangers and the Ecuadorian Federal police. To date we have confiscated some 200,000 shark fins.


Ceci M

Yes, I know the Galapagos is particularly sensitive, so we should rate their survival based on what happens there alone? Those numbers you're giving are awful :-(

Take care of yourself please, Happy Thanksgiving!

Jason Ward:

Next question is from Barbara Graham. Go ahead.

Barbara Graham:

Such a huge victory for the seals but as you know, there is still much work to be done. What will it take to end this slaughter forever? Oceans of love to you, by the way!


(Capt. Watson’s reply to this question was not recorded)


Carolyn Bailey:

Marty, please go ahead.


On Whale Wars we see that you and the crew have lots of down time as you search for the Japanese. We'd love to know more about all the jobs/responsibilities of the crew and some background on each. Also does your wife go with you on all campaigns?

Paul Watson:

There will be 77 crew on 3 ships. In three departments - Deck - engine – galley. Everyone has their job and watches are organized so the ships run 24 hours a day. All I can say is we will have a great crew come December - a passionate crew. A couple of celebrities but mainly just hard core committed and dedicated people.

Jason Ward:

Next we have a question from Savanna Guest



Hi Captain Watson, I am planning on writing a term paper about what happens in the southern oceans, how could i go around and get information from the No. 1 source, SSCS? And I would like to volunteer for SSCS

Paul Watson:

Please contact our office


thank you

Jason Ward:

Next question will be asked by Eline Ross. Eline when you are ready.

Eline Ross:

Thanks 4 saving the animals. U r my hero + a great example! You mean a lot to the world and me, good luck on your next campaign! You really opened my eyes and also, I didn't even know what was going on in Taiji til a few weeks ago! May God bless u! Here are my questions: 1. What do you think about P. Bethune and al? 2. Can you tell about the next campaign (I understand if u can’t)

Paul Watson:

Our next campaign is Operation No Compromise The objective is to cut the Japanese kill quotas as much as we possibly can. We learn more each year, we get more experience and we get better resources. This is why we become more effective each year.



and Pete Bethune?


Paul Watson:

Pete Bethune gave false testimony to the Japanese to implicate me for conspiracy that is why he was asked to disassociate himself from Sea Shepherd.

Jason Ward:

CalNative has the next question for Paul- go for it CalNative!


Thanks Jason! Captain you stated earlier the ships have been vegan since 2000 and before that they were vegetarian. What is the difference? Any hints as to type/size of the third ship you mentioned in your commentary?

Paul Watson:

We will reveal the third ship in a few weeks time.


Sigh... but thanks!

(Unregistered Q): Have you resolved your differences with Pete?

Paul Watson:

Yes I fired him.


(Unregistered comment): I saw that he resigned

Paul Watson:

He resigned the day after I fired him.

Jason Ward:

Josh Nicholson has the next question for Paul

Josh Nicholson:

Thank you. Hi Paul, Great to have you here. Do you think after so many campaigns the Japanese will yet again become even more aggressive and possibly display more deadly tactics? If so, have you any new ideas to rule out any possible threats to the vessel or crew members.

Paul Watson:

They become more aggressive every year. The fact that they destroyed the Ady Gil and got away with it gives them the green light to escalate their violence.


Josh Nicholson:


Paul Watson:

We are taking measures to increase our security. Sea Shepherd is not breaking any laws in the Southern Ocean. We have not been charged with anything connected with our activities except when PB boarded the SM#2 and became subject to Japanese law. I think they would take Migaloo to spite the Australians.

(Unregistered Q): who will Captain the 3rd vessel?

Paul Watson:

Most likely myself'

Carolyn Bailey:

Thanks, again, Paul. Priscilla Feral would like to address you next, please go ahead, Priscilla.

Priscilla Feral:

Paul, I've arrived late so please indulge me if this question was covered earlier in the discussion. What’s your speculation for the number of seals who will be killed in Canada’s 2011 slaughter since the European market has disintegrated? Might we discard the word TAKE when meaning kill? But thanks for the answer. Still don't know why.

Paul Watson:

We can't give up until we get that number down to zero. When they kill they take but I get your point.

Priscilla Feral:

Take is an industry word. Thanks again.

Paul Watson:

But of course the real problem is that humans take and do not give back so I look on the word as meaning something even more negative than killing in some ways.

Priscilla Feral:

I don't. We don't say we TAKE children. Really the word serves industry; not whales.


Paul Watson:

Some species are givers, they give us life and others like our own are takers that take away life. No need to argue over words. Take however is a bad word in the area of deep ecology.

Carolyn Bailey:

I'd like to sincerely thank Captain Paul Watson for being incredibly generous with his time today and going well over the allotted time of one hour. ARZone appreciates your time, patience and insight, Paul. Thanks so much!

Paul Watson:

Thank you, Carolyn.

Carolyn Bailey:

It's been our pleasure, Paul.


Good hunting Sea Shepherd. Thanks Captain Watson for everything you've done over 35 years of taking action for the oceans.

Paul Watson:

Good bye all it has been a pleasure.


thank you Paul!! We love you and all that you do!!


Thank you Paul you have been my hero since i was 8 and picked up my first Green Peace magazine :-)




Tanks Paul!


Safe endeavors Paul;

Luvs whales


Jason Ward:

Thanks Paul



<3 may the wind always be in your sails sir

Jason smith

You leaving sir? Alright have a good day.


You’re amazing!


U are the big hero!!!



Justin Simpson

Bye Paul




Gerry C

TY Carolyn and Cpt. Watson

Adam B

Free the clearwater dolphins




Jill Shields

Any idea if u think the killing of the dolphins in Taiji will end this season?

Matthew Brown

Goodbye kind Sir :-)

Mike D:

Thanks Paul, Happy Birthday and best wishes to your new campaign.




Thank you!


Maria Eugenia Gonzalez

Thank you PAUL, <3 from Mexico

Camilla Hedegard Andersen

Thank you so much for everything you do, Sir!

Massacre animal



Happy Early Birthday to you!


Goodbye Paul, from Virginia.


Bye Paul! I enjoyed this.

Karen Hanegan


Eline Ross

Happy Bday!!!!

Josh Nicholson:

Bye Paul, Cya in a year,!!! cant wait to join!!!!!

Janie Achimon


Tristan Monscheuer

Have a nice Thanksgiving!

Robert Mairesse

Thank you.

Matthew Brown

Yes thankyou for taking time out your schedule for us! :-P

Liz Inglett

Thank you Paul! Thank you for all the lives you have saved, for everything you continue to do. Thank you so much!!


Goodbye, Paul :-)


Massacre Animal

Eat tofu not turkey!

Roger Yates:

Thanks to Paul. Sorry that members were not as "disciplined" as usual.

Kelley Murphy

Hugs from Canada and safety to all who campaign with you

Carl Poirer

Yeah Tofurky :-)

Jill Shields

Thanks so much for allowing us all to be here with you!!!

Mystic Rebel

How long are you here in Vancouver, Captain

Carl Poirer


Carolyn Bailey:

ARZone would like to thank Captain Paul Watson for giving his valued time to help educate ARZone members today. ARZone appreciates the opportunity to discuss important issues with Captain Watson.


ARZone announcement.


Paul’s chat was the best attended to date, with more than 150 people present at one time. However, there were a number of interruptions during the event and, therefore, we were not able to get through as many questions as we usually do. Also, this has resulted in the transcript being rather more messy than usual.

Paul tried his best to answer even the unregistered questions, which explains why some answers appear to run together.

Below are a number of responses Paul gave to the interruptions. Other interruptions have been deleted from the transcript.

Paul Watson (in response to an unregistered question):

We have THE Steve Irwin and the Bob Barker ready and prepared for departure in December. We are working hard to secure a 3rd vessel. The fast interceptor that we need. The cost is 1.2 million I am confident that we can get it even if not fully paid for.

Sea Shepherd P.O. Box 2616 Friday HArbor wa 98250 or


Paul Watson (in response to an unregistered question):

This is the Planet Ocean not the planet Earth. We depart on December 2nd on my 60th birthday.

Paul Watson (in response to an unregistered question):

100% vegan food on the Sea Shepherd ships since 2000, vegetarian prior to that. Laura Dakin is the best vegan chef in the world. We lend her to Anthony Kiedis once in a well.


Paul Watson (in response to an unregistered question):

The Faeroes in the North Sea, a protectorate of Denmark is the worst. St. Lucia in the Caribbean also kills pilot whales, but individually. They kill one or two Humpbacks every year in St. Vincent Greenland is also illegally killing Humpbacks against nuclear experiments.

Paul Watson (in response to an unregistered question):

No having a vegan Thankgiving dinner with my daughter and nephews and nieces tonight.

Paul Watson (in response to an unregistered question):

I cannot answer that but we are looking into it especially in the
Faeroes Islands. We will be deploying acoustic barriers at the Faeroes next year.

Paul Watson (in response to an unregistered question):

We do have excellent vegan chefs, however, crew coming on experiencing it for the first time are quite pleasantly surprised.

Nick Finlay

Hi Captain Watson I am 15 and live in Edinburgh Scotland. I am hoping to join you in a few years and would love to stay on the ships until we end whaling and I was just wondering what sort of qualifications would be most useful, e.g. sailing licence?

Paul Watson:

Where are you Nick, which country?

Nick Finlay:

Captain Watson, I am interested in the Direct Action Crew. Is there a minimum amount I can donate monthly to ensure future funds will be available? Cool do you think the Japanese might have a second factory ship this year?



ARZone exists to promote rational discussion about our relations with other animals and about issues within the animal advocacy movement. Please continue the debate after a chat by starting a forum discussion or by making a point under a transcript.



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Comment by Mauro Mazzerioli on October 11, 2010 at 13:25
Paul, you are inspiring.
Comment by Dheur Josianne on October 11, 2010 at 3:33
Merci Beaucoup et profond respect pour tout ce que vous faites
Comment by ReneBruce on October 11, 2010 at 2:26
Great Transcript and glad to see Paul take time to interact with the general public, I just wish they wouldn't waste so much time asking questions that you know he cannot answer, remember the Japanese monitor every word he says.. so Paul would never give out any thing to compromise the efforts! ;)
Comment by Jenn Palumbo on October 11, 2010 at 0:25
thanks for sharing the transcript Carolyn! It was nice to read plan was to be here for the chat, however life seemed to interupt my plan :(( very sad to have missed it.

Thanks much to Paul for taking the time to be here and for everything he's done/is doing. I wish you much luck with Operation No Compromise! Be safe... :))
Comment by marietta wybo alfaro on October 10, 2010 at 23:53
Thank you dear Carolyn for sharing it! Great interview as always!
Comment by À. Neilson on October 10, 2010 at 22:24


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