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What exactly happened to Warwak and his teaching job?

What exactly happened to Warwak and his teaching job?

For those unfamiliar with my case, this is as much of a condensed version as I can make of my struggle not to be complicit in the lie:

I was an art teacher at Fox River Grove Middle School in Illinois for eight years until I started incorporating veganism in my lessons. My principal, Tim Mahaffy told me to stop doing work with animals in my art lessons. I said I would - if they gave me something in writing that says I can't do lessons incorporating animals. Of course they couldn't put it in writing, so instead, they fired me and smeared my name with a web of lies. Lies corpse-munching parents gladly accepted as truth, as did the press, and 98 % of the population -percentage of corpse-munchers in the world in addition to many vegans who agreed/sided with corpse-munchers – that I am some kind of danger and that veganism/animals/higher thinking skills should not be incorporated in art lessons.

The corpse-munching police treated me like a criminal the night the Board of Ed fired me (picture above). News traveled fast and became a big topic of discussion - for once. Everyone had a stake in the issue – whether corpse-muncher or vegan, parent or child, in school or not - diet pertains to our lives. Everyone had something to say – most of which was that I am insane and a danger of some sort. Somehow I remain an interest still some 2 ½ years later – so much for my supposed 5 minutes of fame.

I appealed my termination and a corpse-munching team of high priced lawyers lied and built a case against me which the corpse-munching State of Illinois hearing officer ruled that the school was justified in firing me.

My case ran from Sept 2007 through the school year ending in May 2008 effectively keeping me out of the classroom - away from impressionable children. Now I have been blackballed in education and out of work. I have since become an Animal Rights activist---doesn’t pay anything, but my activism heals my soul---to longer be complicit and tolerant through silence.

During me hearings there was a 143 million lb recall of Mad Cow. 384 lbs of which were fed to my students in the school lunch in 2007 – the very same time I was trying to get my students to stop the corpse-munching. The beef wasn’t recalled until Feb 2008 during my hearings I stressed this fact publically All children who ate that recalled beef are now at risk of developing vCJD (always fatal) in as little as 6 years (takes at least 10 years to incubate).

All I ever did was press the issue of false advertising and the school avoided answering any of my charges against them effectively escaping all responsibility of endangering children and setting them up to stumble and die early deaths. Dr. T. Colin Campbell showed up to testify on my behalf - that yes, I was telling the children the truth in my art lesson on false advertising - that the milk mustache posters hanging in the cafeteria send the wrong message about milk and reality. And also to confirm that yes, the children will in fact live 10-12 years longer on vegan diet. The State of Illinois ignored all of my evidence and testimony which is all part of my book, Peep Show For Children Only and made the case about me – when it was really about them.

Impressionable children are forced to go to school. Advertising of any kind in schools is immoral. Allow children all the information without being marketed to, so they can make their own decisions. A milk mustache on a sexy woman has nothing to do with reality – it is pure marketing.

Mary Hoffman of says, “Dave Warwak always told his students to look up the truth for themselves and verify the facts, so that they could confirm the truthfulness of what they were being taught. But most of the parents and the entire school board wanted to preserve the lies, so they used their power to try to silence this art teacher, but all they did was shine light on their wickedness and exposed it to the whole world.”

“I found it troubling and problematic that while Warwak was educating his students about the food that they eat and its effects on their health, the principal’s main concern was not about the well-being of his students but that there would be a backlash against the school’s lunch program” Aaron Finke

And this from the transcripts from my hearings: “Well, we now have excellent evidence, for example, as published in the literature to show that on average people do live in fact 10 to 12 years longer who are consuming, you know, a vegan-like diet. That means no dairy, by the way.” Dr. T. Colin Campbell PhD.

The real issue was---and still is---the school’s refusal to discuss these matters and their intentional crimes against humanity.

No matter what anyone argues, schools feeding unsuspecting children the corpses of once living beings and promoting breast milk--complete with its blood, pus, and hormones--stolen from confined, drugged, and tortured cloned creatures as normal and healthy beyond infancy is a physically, socially, mentally, spiritually, and ecologically damaging, unnecessary crime against humanity.

And now, I have my Vegan School 101 on line 24-7 on Facebook

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