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Some encouraging signs of animal rights going more mainstream

This link is to a new site that has been created by the person who started a new superannuation fund a year or so ago.  I put it here for your interest.

The second is a new advertising campaign from the Voiceless organisation.

I'll be interested to see what you think.

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Hi Roger,

Yes Cruelty Free Money is a good site I think and is an offshoot of Cruelty Free Super set up for people who choose to invest in super that doesn't put money where the environment, humans and other animals will suffer. Even Ethical Investments here doesn't pass the test for non-human animals so this was a welcome initiative.

On the Voiceless issue I think they are needed.  It has been my personal experience over the years, being now 57 years old and been in the workforce for 38 of those, that people's attitudes changes only after forced behavioural change.  As a rule I hate too much regulation, but in the case for example of women's rights community attitudes only started changing after EEO laws were passed.  Although at times it seems we haven't really come all that far. I recall very clearly challenging the (female) EEO Officer about pictures of women in various stages of undress all around the office and having raspberries blown behind my back by the males who were upset that they were taken down.  Younger women are more accepted now, but I doubt they would have been had not the laws been changed.

My own journey to veganism was probably fairly typical, brought up to believe that meat and 3 vegetables was the best nutrition you could get.  I changed to vegetarian about 20 years ago and the last three vegan.  I noticed also that as my respect for other living things increased, so too did it for other members of the human race who are often treated badly.  So if other humans are like me, I suspect that they need to be told what they can and can't do with other species.  This community is still changing my understanding of animal rights. But there will be issues that have no right or wrong answer, just the most appropriate response to a situation.

I had a wonderful cat once called Oscar who I absolutely adored.  He was this funny little ginger person with short legs and he had been a stray and very badly treated. It took me months to get him to come out from under the house. Eventually he did and was the most loving little soul. He unfortunately had diabetes and I gave him insulin injections twice a day. Eventually he died and I still miss him terribly even though it's been about 7 years. But in that experience I recognised that he was just so tired of always being at the vet, and I had to just respect his rights to live in peace. I guess I have learned a lot about animal rights through my lovely pets, currently have three who are benefiting from what I've learned.

At the basis of all that I think it was largely due to those workplace regulations about respect and moving on to encompass a wider group than just humans.  I don't really think most people do think about what they are doing, but it is that small chink in the veneer that starts a bigger change which to get back to the point is why I think Voiceless is a good thing.  I do talk gently about this with people at work, and they are listening, so hope to convert one or two before I move on.  (-:

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