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Promoting ARZone ~ Visitors and Visits in 2011

ARZone promotes itself online, by alerting people on Facebook, Twitter and other social media outlets about upcoming interviews. ARZone also posts links to the various content available on the main ARZone website, as well as that on the podcast and Thoughts for the Day sites. The content on the main ARZone site includes transcripts of every guest "chat" and interview (currently numbering more than 80, including interviews and chats with Tom Regan, Will Tuttle, Carol Adams, Melanie Joy, Colleen Patrick-Goodreau, Gary Francione, and Gary Yourofsky), forum and blog posts, videos and photos, and much more.


Why do we promote ARZone? Does ARZone generate any revenue of any kind for anyone? Is ARZone part of any other organization, or do any of its administrators derive any financial or career benefits from ARZone?


Why do we promote ARZone?

We promote ARZone because we think that ARZone provides something unique within the community of advocates for other animals. There are many websites and blogs that promote one person's views, or that exist to provide a particular view of human obligations towards other animals. That is not what ARZone does, and it is not what ARZone is for. ARZone, as an entity, is committed to the liberation of other animals and to building an anti-speciesist society. It exists to provide an online space where advocates can talk to and learn from each other, in an atmosphere of respect and openness. Without specifically endorsing any one particular strategy or set of tactics, ARZone is committed to an ongoing discourse that will lead to the most lasting and meaningful change in the least amount of time. ARZone cannot fulfill this commitment with the participation of its members, so therefore, ARZone must promote ARZone.


Does ARZone generate any revenue of any kind for anyone?

No. ARZone is an advertising free zone, and it receives no financial support of any kind from anyone or any organization. All site maintenance and operating expenses are gladly paid by the administrators.


Is ARZone part of any other organization, or do any of its administrators derive any financial or career benefits from ARZone?

No. ARZone is a stand alone, volunteer-run enterprise, with no organizational or structural ties to any outside company, group, organization or people. Neither ARZone itself, nor any  of its administrators derive any financial or career benefits from ARZone's activities; they receive no endorsements, endowments, or other material rewards of any kind as a result of what ARZone does.


Is ARZone making any difference for other animals?

This is a difficult question to answer - how would ARZone measure its impact? One way, perhaps the only way for an online social network to measure its results is to look at the numbers. Here they are:


Since its founding 2 years ago, 2,422 members have joined.


In 2011, the various pages on the main ARZone website (not including the podcast or quotes site) were viewed a total of 207,016 times, by 29,399 unique visitors during a total of 71,586 visits. More than 40% of those 29,399 visitors were new visitors in 2011, meaning that nearly 12,000 people saw the work ARZone does for the first time.


So, in 2011, everyday eyes were set on 567 pages of content on ARZone, and almost half the time those eyes were seeing this content for the first time. What impact did ARZone have in 2011? ARZone cannot say, but perhaps, if we could survey the 29,399 visitors who spent some time here, they could tell us.


Thank you to all those people who have supported ARZone - the dedicated activists, advocates, and educators who have taken their time to answer our questions, the interested and loyal members who contribute so much in so many ways, and the new visitors, who may not become members, but who hopefully learn something new about what we all owe to each other and to other animals.


ARZone is continually evaluating all of its efforts, and is always open to suggestions and ideas from anyone committed to doing what is right by other animals. ARZone will always remain a place rational discourse. We cannot form honest opinions about that which we do not understand, and we cannot understand that which we do not carefully consider.



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