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Changing to Earth Friendly Animal Friendly Products Part 2

To continue my post on making changes.  Slowly but surely I am making my household eco-friendly and animal friendly.    Last blog I wrote about switching to a "friendly"  laundry detergent.  


I have now tried a Laundry detergent called ECOS.  An earth friendly, animal friendly product.  Website .....

I bought a 128 oz bottle for $8.97 which is about average price compared to the Toxic, non-friendly detergents.  This is supposed to yield 128 HD loads or 64 standard.   I'm the standard.  

You use very little of this product, unless you have very hard water, as I do.  Then you would want to use a little bit more.  And after a month of using it, with still half a bottle left, what I have found is that this product works fantastic!   The laundry comes out clean & fresh smelling.  Absolutely nothing toxic in it.  So I can say I have been very happy with this one!   

Now, one problem.   One of the ingredients is Palm Oil.   And I have recently found out, through a friend of mine who is very much into protecting the Apes.  That palm oil, is not good for them!  The corporation that makes Palm Oil, has created a slave labor environment, which forces the employees to have to Eat Apes to survive.  The full article can be found here....


So, today my replacements were for Dishwasher detergent &  Liquid Dish Soap.   This time I opted to go with a company called Seventh Generation.  And again, was able to purchase the products right from the store.   For the Dishwasher Soap I opted for the  "Automatic Dishwasher Detergent Concentrated Pacs"  20 pacs in a package @ $4.77   Now this price is not much different at all from what I was paying for the Cascade 20 pacs.  So price wise, no big difference.   I'm going to be trying it tonight, so we shall see how it works.  And once again, I have the hard water.  So that does make things a little tougher in that area.  This product is labeled Free of Dyes & Fragrances; Chlorine free; biodegradable & contains no phosphates.


I also chose the "Natural Dish Liquid"  Lavendor Floral & Mint.  It claims to be  tough on grease & hypoallergenic & non-toxic.  The next time I have to wash pots and pans we shall see how well it works.  This cost  $2.67  for a 25 fluid ounce bottle (average size).  And the bottle is made with recycled plastic.  Again, this is not much difference in price from what I paid for Dawn dish soap.

Seventh Generation is listed as Non-Animal testing with the National Anti-Vivisection Society, NAV.  And on their own website state that they are clearly against the use of animals in testing.   Read more from their website:


This company also sells Laundry detergent.  So if I am happy with the 2 new products I will be trying that as well.   And will keep you updated as I go along.  


Now for Cosmetics.  I believe I stated previously that my old standards of Maybelline & Cover Girl are now out the door!   Both companies still test on animals.   However, Revlon & Almay do not.  Both a little more pricey than the other two.  But in my opinion worth it if it saves the animals!   Today I opted to go with Almay.   Concealer @ $8.54, Blush @ $7.72, Mascara @ $4.97 & Eyeliner @ $5.98 (both waterproof)    One of the other benefits of Almay is that they are hypoallergenic.  


So a lot of new products today!   All of which I will write about in my next blog, to let you know what I think works and doesn't work.   So for now.... end of Part 2 on my series of Changing to "Friendly" Products!


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