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Please email again to some Romanian officials : Tourism, Presidents of Regional Councils and Romanian embassies...
Please tell them to STOP NOW the massacre of animals in Romania, to punish all criminals ...
Craiova shelter of death
Look at this poor puppy..starved...he might not even be alive today...but WE WILL FIGHT for all those butchered and WE WILL FIGHT to save the ones who are still alive.This is the last place on earth for them...
Beaten in a municipal "death camp"...Boycott Romania and all Romanian products all over the world...share this photo./

ROMANIA TOURISM,,,,,office@romania.i..t,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,, .

REGIONAL COUNCILS,, ,cjhunedoara@cjhunedoara.r..o , ,,,,, , , , ,,,,, , ,, ,, consiliu@consiliu.vaslui.r..o , ,,, , , , ,, ,,,,,


Romanian Email addresses Embassies from Albania to Croatia;;;;..;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

Romanian Email addresses Embassy from Cuba to Ireland;;;;;;;;;; secretariat@amb-roumanie.f..r;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

Romanian Email addresses Embassy from Israel to Russian Federation;..;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

Romanian Email addresses Embassy from San Marino to Zimbabwe;;..;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

LINKS : just some proves

What Mr.President said and what really happens in the "shelters"...

by Mira Iordanescu.

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