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The Seals of Nam - A true horror story

The Cape Fur Seal is listed on appendix 2 of CITES as endangered. Each year, 85 000 baby seals, still dependent on their mothers are beaten to death at Cape Cross and Atlas bay in Namibia. A further 6000 bulls are shot. It is the largest slaughter of wildlife on earth and responsible for more deaths than the Canadian cull.


The Namibian government tamper with the actual seal population figures, they inflate their numbers to justify a higher quota. See this link 


The Namibian Government use non existent laws to arrest and detain journalists. This is Zimbabwe style or akin to South Africa under apartheid. See this link


The seal clubbers attack and beat foreign journalists who wish to film the cull. See this link


The Namibian seal cull is known to be the most violent and brutal cull on earth. See this link 


The Namibian SPCA have the legal power to end the cull. The Animal Protection Act of 1962 states quite clearly that beating an animal to death is an act of cruelty. It gives the SPCA the legislative powers to arrest any individual for doing such. This pic shows a terrified pup trying desperately to hide from men wielding clubs. Its life is worth only $7 and a fur coat sells for as much as $30 000                                                                                                                         


The Namibian SPCA have sent their representatives to the cull sites to witness the clubbing of 85 000 seals. They have concluded that this behaviour is humane. See this link


According to their lawyers, the SPCA do not have to end the cull or interfere with it. The reason? Because, according to Namibian legal classification, a seal is not an animal. 


Will YOU stand up and fight this madness??


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Comment by Alison Green on June 29, 2012 at 4:52

We need to make a stand!!! this is shocking!!! please sign petition!!!


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