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So my office has glue traps to catch and kill any small critters roaming the hallways. I did some research on what can be done to disable these traps, since I am not a fan of death, especially slow death. The common theme in my research seemed to be oil, that coating the glue with oil disables the stickiness and also the smell of different kinds of oil can be a deterrent as well. So the next question was how to discreetly apply the oil to the traps under the watchful gaze of the office security cameras. To make a longish story shorter I found a spray-on product containing baby oil that is relatively small and easy to conceal (see picture). I came to work early one day right after the pest control company had re-set the glue traps and discreetly sprayed them down with this "light oil mist" product under the guise of accidentally dropping some office supplies and turning my back to the camera to pick them up. THIS PRODUCT WORKS GREAT! I sprayed each of the traps once, making sure all glue surfaces were covered. The pest company comes to reset the traps once a month and when they came back the following month there were NO creatures stuck in the traps! No bugs, mice, lizards or anything! Usually the traps are really nasty and full of all kinds of things when the pest company comes by. Often the office manager will dispose of some of the traps himself before the pest control company comes by, especially if they start to smell. Anyhoo the office has not become overrun with creatures since I started disabling the glue traps. On the occasion that I do find a bug or mouse I relocate it back to the wonderful outdoors. I hope this information will help others who are anti-glue traps.

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