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A while ago a young lady posted a blog in regards to a lot of horses owned by "KIM HOLLINGSWORTH" in nsw. Well the RSPCA are now seizing those horses!!! Its a great day FOR ANIMAL LOVERS AND ACTIVISTS EVERYWHERE. And its a great day for some of the horses. Being saved after all this time of being grossly neglected by former prostitute KIM HOLLINGSWORTH. So to all those people that gave that young lady who posted the blog a hard is your humble pie served with some egg on your face!!!!

A successful protest rally was held at yagoona RSPCA and a lot of people never gave up they fought for these horses and it has paid off. Congratulations to you all you should be so proud for not giving up and so very proud for helping the horses, i take my hat off to you all. This is what real people who care are all about.

Where is KIM HOLLINGSWORTH now? with all her fake comments and clap trap?? 


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Comment by Carolyn Bailey on July 28, 2012 at 19:08

Elli, who claims not to use ARZone as a vehicle in which to attack KIm Hollingsworth, then goes on to claim:

 kim hollingsworth is  a putrid mess

Elli, you are a fool, and ARZone has endured your uneducated, arrogant and ridicous intentional reluctance to understand the meaning of "animal rights" long enough. 

Your posts here are an obvious attempt to win you points with your fellow "horse-loving" friends, and ARZone is not the place to continue to allow your self righteous attempts to justify your exploitation and your complicity in the slaughter of 60 BILLION individuals who value their lives every bit as much as you and "your horses" do. 

When you are open to discussing animal rights, seriously, we welcome your input. But, while you are insistent on acting like a fool, please, stop wasting my time. I have far more important things to spend my time on than worrying about what stupidity you "horse-freaks" will accuse ARZone of next. 

Comment by Carolyn Bailey on July 28, 2012 at 18:38

Elli, I find that one question mark is usually enough to explain that a question is being asked. 

I appreciate your reluctance and embarrassment in addressing the real issues here. It must be difficult to defend an indefensible position. But, hey, knock yourself out trying to insult and abuse others in order to avoid doing so. It's kinda fun to watch! 

Comment by Carolyn Bailey on July 28, 2012 at 7:50

Eli, you and others have claimed that this is in no way a vendetta against Kim, yet you have left this comment on Kim's personal page here in ARZone a few hours ago: 

hey slurry hows it going hows your mate pricilla ann doing? sux to be you have a nice life you horse abusing sack of shit. wheres ya audience now trash bag? are you using vegan paper and vegan ink with that note book you got there? 


Then you suggest I/others should "educate ourselves", and you seem perplexed as to why people are unable to take you and your ridiculous claims seriously. I would be awfully embarrassed to be acting in the way you and your fellow "horse-lovers" have been on a public forum. 


Comment by Kerry Baker on July 27, 2012 at 16:36

Jean, I did not compare you to a paedo, I said it was a similarly hypocritical situation to be protesting you care about animals when you contribute to their siuffering. I did not say you have no morals, just different ones. If you think for example that 'free range' eggs mean birds don't suffer you are entirely wrong. Male chicks for example are thrown into grinders alive because they can't lay. I did not say omnivores have no morals, but they ought to think seriously about pursuing people like Kim Hollingsworth when they themsleves participate in the torture and brutalisation of millions of animals every year.  If you wish to talk about putting down others, have a look below at the garbage that some of these people have said.  I have still not had an answer to what exactly any of you think any member of ARZ is guilty of with regard to the welfare of the horses.  The original intent from the original post and this current one put up by 'Phill' was always and still is to create a hatred towards Kim Hollingsworth, the welfare of the horses was secondary to that hatred. And BTW, if you choose to come onto a site dedicated to discussions about animal welfare and declare yourself a meat eater, don't then be surprised to be challenged by people who don't share your views.  But don't then misrepresent what I or anyone else has said when you get criticised.  

Comment by Jean Coward on July 27, 2012 at 15:52

Kerry you stated.. "There is no point in claiming the high moral ground Jean because you don't have it". And then to compare me with a paedophile is the worst example i could even think of or to hear from anybody. What next compare non vegans to hitler. Are you serious you think being a vegan makes you more moral than myself? Tim's point of view i understood, by him stating that people should have an open view on here and an understanding and of one another. If you choose to be vegan that is great and i for one would not state that is a bad thing. However i would not go around putting down non vegans and then stating those people have no morals. When it comes to any animal welfare it is the little people who make up a big crowd and end up a louder voice for righteousness. I for one do not have a problem with horses in a stable if loved and cared for and let out to play, i however have a problem with orca's locked up in small pools and why because horses have been domesticated for years and worked along side humans. I may eat eggs but that doesn't mean i condone caged hens. So to say i have no morals is a load of BS, so do not put  the word morals in a sentence when you go around putting down others

Comment by Tim Gier on July 27, 2012 at 15:27

Amanda's account has been deleted. ARZone doesn't tolerate internet trolls.

Comment by Amanda H on July 27, 2012 at 15:17

Fair dinkum that has got to be the longest drawn out crap I've ever read hahahahahahahaha You guys love to baffle people with bullshit...ARZONE is a CROCK!!

Comment by Tim Gier on July 27, 2012 at 10:39

Hi Jean, there is actually a way that a person could claim to be animal rights activist while still eating certain other animals. For example, a person could say that dolphins and chimpanzees are nonhuman persons (because, perhaps, they are self-aware and have identities that persist through time in a way that most other animals are not and do not) and that, because dolphins and chimpanzees are persons, they deserve to have the right not to be unjustly killed. See, that's what rights are about - not about being treated better before one is killed, but having a right to not be killed at all.

Another view would say that, even if all other animals aren't persons, and therefore don't have any rights, it still harms them unnecessarily to kill them - that is, other animals lose something in death, and that something is of ultimate value to them, and therefore, since a good person wouldn't want to deny other animals what is so valuable, a good person wouldn't kill other animals unjustly. Both of these views are internally consistent and defensible. (A third view might combine the first two such that some nonhumans actually do have rights, while for most other animals it's just not right to unjustly kill them.) 

A view that seems to be inconsistent is the view that holds that some animals are more valuable or important than others on some arbitrary basis. Such a view would hold that one sort of animal, horses say, ought to be rescued from a place where they are suffering and almost certain to die prematurely - because people just love horses. But that view would also hold that another sort of animals, cows say, ought not be rescued from where they are suffering and absolutely will die prematurely  - because hamburgers taste good. The question this view fails to be able to answer successfully is, What is it about horses that makes them worthy of being saved but makes cows unworthy? If it's right to save horses because of how we feel about them, but right to eat cows because we don't feel the same way about them, that seems to arbitrary. Arbitrary criteria can't ground ethical behavior - if it could then there'd be no way to say that racism is wrong (because racism is based on arbitrary criteria; there's nothing about one race as compared to another that makes one more worthy than the other - racism is just about how people feel). So, just in case one feels good about horses that's no reason to treat horses better than cows. No matter how one slices such a view, not only is it internally inconsistent and based on arbitrary criteria, it has absolutely nothing to do with animals' rights.

Before approving a membership request, ARZone doesn't require anything of those people who wish to be members other than a valid email address and some basic demographic info. We don't care whether everyone here is vegan. What we do care about is rational discourse aimed at increasing knowledge and understanding. Not everyone is capable of that, unfortunately, but we hope that those people who take the time to think carefully about the issues discussed here will come to hold clear and consistent views about the things they believe. I stand by what I said earlier, by the way, anyone who isn't interested in rational discourse aimed at increasing understanding and knowledge should do the rest of us a favor and get the hell out. The issues we talk about in ARZone are too important to waste time speaking to the willfully ignorant.

Comment by Kerry Baker on July 27, 2012 at 10:30

Jean. The behaviour of people on this site has been irrational and abusive.  That includes comments made about me and others. And yes, it is completley hypocritical for people here ranting about Kim Hollingsworth and her treatment of horses when they are themselves contributing to animal suffering through the dietary and consumer choices they have knowingly made.  There was initially no discrimination about vegan or non-vegan, until the debate became personal.  This was done at the outset, the original discussion stating that ARZ members have egg on our faces.  You still don't state what in your opinion anybody did was wrong, when originally we all encouraged that horse rescue and animal welfare groups be brought in.  The issue here is that ARZ members did not wish to get involved in the hate campaign against Kim Hollongsworth because that is precisely what it was, and still is.  I have been considering why the RSPCA took so long to get around to checking these horses if as was claimed complaints were put in months before the original discussion.  I suspect the answer is that the same behaviour was demonstrated to the RSPCA who probably decided that this was not a geuine issue. 

I do not condemn you for your choice to consume animal products, but the fact is that animals are treated cruelly for the meat and clothing among others.  So if you have chosen to contribute to suffering, along with many of these commenters, then you have to question what is the difference.  There is no point in claiming the high moral ground Jean because you don't have it.  It is perfectly legitimate for me as a vegan to question the intelligence of the vendetta against Kim Hollingsworth when you are part of the problem.  It would be a bit like a paedophile speaking up against child slavery in 3rd world countries.  Kind of loses the impact.

Comment by Jean Coward on July 27, 2012 at 10:05

I think the site at times is biased and has a grudge and a hate campaign towards those who do eat meat. Being an animal rights activist does not mean you have to be vegan. There are some cultures where crops can not grow and they have to survive on wildlife and animals. As a horse lover i am offended by Kerry Bakers post below. Firstly i don't know Kim or care to know what she has or hasn't done to others, but i do care about horses welfare and she deserves to not own horses. I have signed petitions for a ban on live exports, i have followed whaling and green peace. My dogs and cats are rescues. I may however eat meat and so has mankind since God put animals on the planet. It is how they get to your plate that counts where cruelty is not a factor to the animal. For those saying this is a hate campaign against Kim, some may be angry with passion but look deep within yourself ARZ are you not at times throwing your views and having a major dislike for those who eat meat because of your passion or views. Nor when i joined this site did it state this is a site for vegans to express views, it stated animal rights and those rights can come in many forms from many different people. I look to the side and see a video on creating world peace, what has that got to do with animals? that is more down amnesty internationals ally which btw i'm part of. But world peace could start with a better acceptance of others whether they are vegan or not. If your against anyone who eats meat i would be getting rid of that world peace video because that makes you hypocrites. There are more nations and people of other races who have to kill wild animals or who live in poor countries and have to eat their goats, pigs and cows other than white vegans on this page. And obviously your comments on this page of get the hell off here Tim shows your lack of maturity and understanding towards others. Oh and so you vegans understand, your page states.......A place for animal advocates to gather and discuss issues, exchange ideas, and share information. No where does it state a site for vegans to put down and judge horse lovers and meat eaters.


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