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A while ago a young lady posted a blog in regards to a lot of horses owned by "KIM HOLLINGSWORTH" in nsw. Well the RSPCA are now seizing those horses!!! Its a great day FOR ANIMAL LOVERS AND ACTIVISTS EVERYWHERE. And its a great day for some of the horses. Being saved after all this time of being grossly neglected by former prostitute KIM HOLLINGSWORTH. So to all those people that gave that young lady who posted the blog a hard is your humble pie served with some egg on your face!!!!

A successful protest rally was held at yagoona RSPCA and a lot of people never gave up they fought for these horses and it has paid off. Congratulations to you all you should be so proud for not giving up and so very proud for helping the horses, i take my hat off to you all. This is what real people who care are all about.

Where is KIM HOLLINGSWORTH now? with all her fake comments and clap trap?? 


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Comment by Kerry Baker on July 27, 2012 at 7:59

When this issue first came up all of us, Tim, Carolyn, Roger, myself and other ARZ members encouraged that animal welfare and rescue organistions become involved.  What we did not get involved with was the hate campaign against Kim Hollingsworth which is what this is despite many of you claiming it is not. What is painfully evident is that most of you who are posting insults and now transferring your hate campaign to ARZ are not really interested in animal welfare or rights at all.  You care about horses, but you don't care what happens to an animal on the way to your plate, or wearing on your back or feet. And the posts coming from many of you indicate very low capacity to think.

None of you have actually come up with a suggestion about what you think any of us have done wrong. Given that we shared your concern about the welfare of the horses, and encouraged you to get animal welfare organisations involved, I remain unclear about what you mean by claiming we (individuals) refused to get involved?  What exactly did you want to achieve by posting these threads?  And Elli, yes it has been a vendetta. Anybody with an ounce of intelligence would be able to see that.

You who are posting these hate posts are angry, not because of our responses to the original problem, but because we did not join you in your hate campaign against an individual. A comment was made about not respecting others rights to their views.  Not true. Your rights to your views have been demonstrated by allowing much of the garbage that has been posted here by the 'let's get Kim Hollingsworth' crowd to go up.  If you come to a site like this which is primarily for vegans to share their views and start acting like trolls, expect to be challenged. Respect for your rights to your views is not the same as agreeing with them.

I respect your rights to your views, I just happen to disagree with how you have gone about this. But I am getting tired of many of you stating you are not doing what is glaringly obvious you are.   

Comment by Tim Gier on July 27, 2012 at 6:42

I'll say one more thing in this useless thread that's about less than nothing, and I'll say it not as admin of the site, but as just another member. To all you "horse lovers" who like to go on and on and on about what terrible joke ARZone is, please, do us all a favor and get the hell gone. I won't miss you, that's for sure, and I doubt that many others will either. There's lots and lots and lots of stupid shit all over the internet - go find it and be among the crowd you're in with. 

Comment by Tim Gier on July 27, 2012 at 5:47

I wonder what drives people to bray and crow so loudly about all the "good" they supposedly do in the world. Can it be that they must show the rest of us poor slobs just how far we fall short of their righteousness? What a pity that none can ever be so just and pure as they.

What a tedious bunch of pathetic self-promoting do-gooders we have seen on display of late. Thank goodness their disease isn't spreading.

Comment by Tim Gier on July 27, 2012 at 5:43

John Boy, your think yourself oh-so-clever, I am sure, but your verbal masturbation is pathetic to endure. Please do be decent, and take yourself to some dark and quiet space where your self-pleasuring isn't a bother to the rest of the world.

Comment by Tim Gier on July 27, 2012 at 5:41

Amanda, you have no idea what I do when I am not wasting my time talking with ignorant people online. 

Comment by Amanda H on July 27, 2012 at 0:26

I'm unaware of any swearing in my posts other than an acronym, I'm quite sure 'idiot' isn't classed as a swear word.  Also, I may not be qualified in the nonsensical garbage you use as a smoke screen to the real issue but I spend my hours dealing with uncared and discarded animals not sitting on my 'Animal rights' page disregarding the rights of ALL ANIMALS....  You're inability to think outside your square is more than enough for me to not think real hard about my remarks, you make it so easy to see your true role... Head on a stick!!!

Comment by John Boy Smith on July 27, 2012 at 0:05

Oh vintagelovingvegan, please don't be so cruel. That "ditto" was like a knife in the side. Where do you come up with such vicious replies, or was that a TRENCHANT CRITIQUE? By the way you did really well to notice my last post was similar to Carolyn Baileys, you must have used up most of your limited vegan stamina to pick up on that. Sorry to dissapoint though, it was actually just a cut and paste. I thought that would be most suited to the arzone website as nothing that any of you say seems to amount to much. If only you all used some of the effort you put into patting each other on the back and defending your complete inaction maybe you wouldn't have so many people laughing at you. I noticed someone suggested a new name for your site and I've got a slogan for you. Arzone - No Action, Just Arguments. And Kerry, what you said about being out rescuing animals, I reckon that's a load of crap. I don't think any of you do anything worthwhile for society at all, and until you can provide proof of it, well we just can't believe it or act on it can we, all we can do is argue about it. So vintagelovingvegan, I have a serious question for you? Everything you oxygen thieves do and say has reinforced my original thought that you're a bunch of clowns, so which one are you.... obviously Tim is Larry and Carolyn is Curly but are you Moe or is that Kerry? Which would make you Shemp. Did I blow your cover?

Comment by Carolyn Bailey on July 26, 2012 at 13:39

Eli, your concerns and questions have all been answered in previous posts on this thread. 

I do appreciate your suggestions for a new name for ARZone though, perhaps we can look into that next time the admins all meet to blow our own trumpets? 

In regard to those neglected horses all "now being helped a little at a time", as you claim; my information is that many of them have already been killed. If you think that's helpful for those individuals, I would disagree with you. 

Comment by Carolyn Bailey on July 26, 2012 at 13:33

Amanda, you said, in reference to Kerry's comment of: 

"As a personal observation of those of you who eat meat and dairy products, you are directly contributing to cruelty and animal abuse by your dietary habits. So perhaps you might care to consider how it's OK to torture a pig or a chicken or a lamb, but not OK to neglect horses."

I can't believe you have compared the two, shows me what a narrow minded idiot you really are. 

I agree that the comparison of the two is ridiculous! To compare the suspected neglect of around 11 horses who have been "seized" by the RSPCA, to almost 60 BILLION land animals who are exploited, commodified and oppressed every year, to gratify those who demand such atrocities continue to take place is kinda ridiculous, isn't it? 

To accuse genuine advocates for other animals, you know, those who don't claim to "love" animals whilst eating them, of being "narrow minded" shows that you have an excellent grasp on reality, and a particularly good concept of the term "animal rights". Well done! 

Comment by Tim Gier on July 26, 2012 at 9:59

Oh, and Amanda, keep it up and we'll be delighted to delete your account.


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