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A while ago a young lady posted a blog in regards to a lot of horses owned by "KIM HOLLINGSWORTH" in nsw. Well the RSPCA are now seizing those horses!!! Its a great day FOR ANIMAL LOVERS AND ACTIVISTS EVERYWHERE. And its a great day for some of the horses. Being saved after all this time of being grossly neglected by former prostitute KIM HOLLINGSWORTH. So to all those people that gave that young lady who posted the blog a hard is your humble pie served with some egg on your face!!!!

A successful protest rally was held at yagoona RSPCA and a lot of people never gave up they fought for these horses and it has paid off. Congratulations to you all you should be so proud for not giving up and so very proud for helping the horses, i take my hat off to you all. This is what real people who care are all about.

Where is KIM HOLLINGSWORTH now? with all her fake comments and clap trap?? 


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Comment by Tim Gier on July 26, 2012 at 9:58

Amanda, I haven't been following this thread so I'd appreciate your help, please. Have all of your comments been as ridiculous as your latest? Do you routinely insult and swear at people? Do you think that your poorly worded, poorly reasoned screed will have any affect other than to make sane and thoughtful people disregard you? (And I exaggerated, there's no evidence of reasoning!) Perhaps there's another forum somewhere that would suit your way of interacting with others better than this forum on ARZone. We like to talk to intelligent people here. Thanks in advance for your help!

Comment by Amanda H on July 26, 2012 at 9:11

I don't recall ever saying that I was a meat eater?  You absolutely disgust me Kerry, and I hope everyone on this forum can see you for who you really are under that well worded bullshit you've hoped will see your point taken.  

Your point being:

As a personal observation of those of you who eat meat and dairy products, you are directly contributing to cruelty and animal abuse by your dietary habits. So perhaps you might care to consider how it's OK to torture a pig or a chicken or a lamb, but not OK to neglect horses.

I can't believe you have compared the two, shows me what a narrow minded idiot you really are.  I only see maliciousness and obvious disregard for any animal that dares show affection to a human you think they should suffer the fate of the rest.  Absolute waste of oxygen that you are, Im happy for you to remove me from your pathetic attempt of 'animal right' LMFAO page...

Comment by Kerry Baker on July 25, 2012 at 21:11

Thanks Jennifer. Just FYI however, the photos posted on Facebook had nothing in them that could directly identify where these horses were or who they belonged to. And several times a link was posted by various Facebook members that was not accessible, presumably because it had restrictions on who could view it so not sure why it was posted in the first place.

Social media is dangerous. If for example you posted a photo of a starving dog and attributed it to me, I'm sure many people would have written posts saying awful things about me and I'd have been rather upset about people spreading lies about me. I accept your statement that people did complain, but not entirely sure then what the point of coming on this site was if the matter was being dealt with, as the statements were not able to be verified.

Just FYI as one of those 'useless' vegans, I actually do a great deal of animal rescue, for our wildlife. I see the end results of human intervention and destruction of native animal habitat which is often tragic and distressing, but I go out because I can't bear the thought of any animal being out there in agony, and this is also why I for one encouraged that these horses be reported to appropriate authorities. You know this.

I am vegan because I love animals and do not wish to contribute to their suffering. I respect your right to your opinion, but I do have a right to respond to claims that have been posted on this site.  You criticise vegans, yet if you do consume animals you contribute to extreme animal suffering. I am not entirely certain why you think horses deserve more compassion than does a pig or a chicken or a sheep or cow, all extremely sensitive creatures. Dairy cows for example grieve for weeks after their babies are taken away days old so humans can drink their milk. Or male chicks thrown alive into grinders because they can't lay eggs for egg producers, which by consuming eggs is supporting this cruelty. Or the pigs kept their whole lives in gestation crates where they can't move. One of you as I recall but can't remember who, proudly stated that she only eats 'cage free eggs'. Cage free means they are kept in barns, in numbers so dense that they live on a patch about half the size of an A4 size piece of paper and have their beaks cut off because the stress means they are inclined to peck each other.

Yes neglect of horses is distressing, but not more so than what happens to these sensitive and beautiful animals tortured in factory farming.

I would also add that in the original thread, it was only after quite some time when people were being encouraged to report the situation that somebody finally put a post up saying that the authorities 'have now been contacted' in a one line post. It appeared from that comment that this had been the first time it was reported.  I am not sure why it took so long to get something done if as you say hundreds of complaints had been made to RSPCA, AWL and DPI, but there was nothing to indicate early on that anybody had done anything to bring this issue to the notice of the RSPCA or anybody else.

Comment by Jennifer on July 25, 2012 at 20:11

Kerry Baker, what a load of rubbish. RSPCA, AWL & DPI were all complained to before the KH page even started. Hundreds of complaints. As if we would contact your page first, before any of the Authorities. Get over yourself, as if you would be our first point of contact. A useless group of Vegans who are so self absorbed with their own importance that nobody else's opinions matter, especially not "meat eaters". Pfft.. They were contacted IMMEDIATELY how could you think they were not? You're confused. The facebook page was evidence, clear photos and videos that ARZone members disputed. Not even worth arguing with any of you. In fact I'm making a complaint about the way you all conduct yourselves, to every animal rights group I can think of. I doubt whether they would care too much though, I'm sure this site has been laughed at many times by "real" animal lovers.

Comment by Kerry Baker on July 25, 2012 at 19:56

For the record, when the original post came up many ARZ members, myself included, encouraged those of you who were concerned about the horses to take action. Time and time again people posting were encouraged to contact the RSPCA and other welfare organisations for horses. What was however also happening, despite the constant denials, was that this forum was being used as a vendetta against Kim Hollingsworth and an expectation that ARZ members accept the claims of who are after all complete strangers. I also asked in my final post what exactly it was you wanted ARZ to do, and not one single person who had attacked Ms Hollingsworth replied.

One of the major problems with the original post is that there was no way of verifying anything that was posted as 'evidence'. A facebook page is not evidence as any intelligent person will be aware of how easily social media is manipulated to do harm.

As a personal observation of those of you who eat meat and dairy products, you are directly contributing to cruelty and animal abuse by your dietary habits. So perhaps you might care to consider how it's OK to torture a pig or a chicken or a lamb, but not OK to neglect horses.

I remind those of you who are once again posting hate mail here that;

1.  You were all encouraged through ARZ to take action quickly

2.  There were direct attempts by ARZ members including myself to help by posting links to horse rescue organisations

3.  What we DID say was that none of us were interested in a vendetta against Ms Hollingsworth

4.  You were asked directly what it was you wanted ARZ to do, given that many of you stated that it 'is not about Kim Hollingsworth it's about the horses' which ARZ members supported

5.  I certainly got the impression, and I may be wrong, that at the time the original post went up on this site, that nobody had contacted the RSPCA or any other animal welfare organisation. Given your constant claims that it was not a vendetta, the behaviour of most of you demonstrated exactly the opposite. If you had already contacted the RSPCA prior to the post, what then was the point?

Regrettably I have seen instances of the RSPCA putting animals down that have been perfectly healthy for no other reason than that they couldn't be bothered to rehabilitate the animals. A whole herd of goats on one occasion whose owner had died due to alcoholism and they were all shot rather than rehomed. This has been a concern of some of us who have seen this type of thing many times from the RSPCA.

Again, I'm glad this seems to be getting finally resolved, but I'm not confident the RSPCA is such a wonderful option for these horses. And no I don't have egg on my face because I encouraged the original posters, as did Tim and Carolyn, to take action for the horses. I am just not going to engage in witch hunts. 

I will also point out that we have yet to see the outcome of the investigation, so maybe it would be a good thing to wait until that is known.

Comment by Amanda H on July 25, 2012 at 12:31

When you say animals should be let to live free and unhindered lives I realised you were just another Kim Hollingsworth... Collect animals to live free with no vet care or attention of any kind, find their own food or die a lonely death with no one to stroke them...  i have no interest in what you write, its a total contradiction to the wellbeing and care of animals. Do you live in a house?  Well that land its built on would have belonged to animals before you.  Do you drive a car?  All those fumes will be destroying the air and habitat around you.  Do you talk on the phone and use the internet?  All those trees destroyed to make those power poles would have belonged to a free bird at some stage, and the grounds belonging to animals destroyed to make way for those roads to put up the power poles...  There is no logic in your quest...  

Comment by Billy L on July 25, 2012 at 9:41
Comment by Kylie Glessing on July 25, 2012 at 0:53

Wow.  Did you ever miss the point of what I was saying.  And you are so defensive about "your" animals that there is really no point in talking to you further.

Comment by Amanda H on July 24, 2012 at 22:41

Oh and John Boy, Black Books was hilariously funny on every episode... This forum is kinda scary when you consider this isn't role play but real humans thinking this way!!

Comment by Amanda H on July 24, 2012 at 22:24

What a bunch of rot!  My animals, 5 dogs run free on 5 acres, they do not wear collars and the only time they are harnessed is for their own safety while in a car park at the vets for their care and well being.  I don't imagine 'Slaves' get this kind of luxury in healthcare!  When i speak of my animals, I've always referred as being 'owned' by my Aussie Bulldog, Stafford etc.  i don't own them, I've paid for them to come live a life of peace and freedom with my money to assist in the length of that existence.  Do I want and expect their thanks?  NO!! Cause they can't talk!!  They just follow me around with expected enthusiasm as 'I' am 'THEIR' Entertainment.  My horses, well I have a rescue who was on her way to slaughter, I'm kinda thinking she is way beyond 'Slave or Entertainment' status as at least she is alive and enjoying 5 acres and plenty of animal friends to enlighten her days instead of a swift jolt to the back of the head to end her life... Is this really classed as 'Slave'??  To be cared for and loved for who she is although she has never let me touch her bar get her off the truck that was taking her to the dog meat factory??  I have another horse who was unwanted also, he suffers the same fate as the others really, total slave to my affections more likely !!!  Another horse I have is 21yrs old and just wants to be loved for the rest of her days... I can't imagine how you see this as being a 'slave' to my existence!!  I have a cat who just basically owns the joint and has nothing what so ever expected of him except to just be...   I feel you have really complicated and saddened your life with this kind of label you have placed not on your own animals but on others with theirs... you are and obviously YOUR animals are a slave to you, but never ever assume all animals are kept the way you keep them....  I live on a single wage with 2 small children, one is a 2yr old Type 1 Diabetic and I can tell you I have plenty of things to keep me 'amused' than my slaves of animals!!!  Instead of spending every spare cent I have on ensuring the life and comfort of my animals I could be sticking needles in my 2 yr old to keep her alive!!  Now 'SHE' is a slave to life... You have rocks in your heads !! Absolutely no logic in your definition of the rights of animals.


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