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Smoothie and Popsicles: A Raw Vegan Recipe for Kids!

Started by Lisa V Jun 5, 2012. 0 Replies

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Chocolate Ice Cubes ... an easy recipe just for kids! (and kids at heart!)

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Coconut and Mango Puddings

Started by Carolyn Bailey Apr 19, 2012. 0 Replies

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Tags: vegan, vegetarian, recipe, agave, pudding

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Comment by Kerry Baker on May 12, 2012 at 15:17

Does anyone have experience in raw juicing?  I have recently invested in an Angel juicer and a Vitamix.  I have found that trying to juice beetroot is a bit difficult as it tends to clog up the grinders and I'm not sure I'm getting the best out of them.  Carrots, kale, parsley and so on are all fine and the juice is great, but I'd really like to include the beetroot.  I'm also wondering about pomegranate, is anyone has suggestions about juicing those.  Cheers

Comment by Kerry Baker on March 4, 2012 at 16:51

Thanks Tara.  I have ordered the DVD and the book from amazon and waiting for them to arrive.  I'm currently trying to be mostly raw vegan and feel much better for it, but always good to have the recipes for the variety.  I'll be interested to see their health claims because that is the main reason people use why they don't become vegan or vegetarian. So having something to refer people to will be helpful when i comes up in discussion.  Thanks for the link too but not a lot here that is sold in Oz I think.  However I do go for the organic and non-gmo food and avoid those that aren't labelled.  For example I never buy anything with canola oil, or that just states it has 'vegetable oil' as this is usually canola. Tastes awful anyway and can't understand why anybody would prefer canola over good old olive oil.  Cheers

Comment by tara on March 4, 2012 at 15:32

Hi Kerry! I saw your comment about the Forks Over Knives movie and recipes.  I saw the movie and highly recommend it as a way to help people understand the level of knowledge and research that has been done to support a vegan diet.  And the level of research around disease and the causes of disease.  

I looked at the recipes and they look delicious!  Try and find versions of the corn and soy ingredients that have not been genetically modified (non-GMO) though.  Those corn tortillas and soy sour cream sound really great until you realize they are packed with more than you asked for.  

Here is a link to a website where you can check your brands and see if they truly are GMO free.

P.S.  This is the same genetically modified or genetically engineered corn that is being forced on the farm animals.  Also, buying organic is a better bet, however not a sure thing especially with corn and soy.

Comment by Kerry Baker on February 24, 2012 at 20:21

Hi.  See link to a site advocating a plant based diet to achieve optimum health.  Has anybody seen this film or obtained the book?

I'm planning on ordering it but am interested to know if anyone has obtained and tried the recipes in the books available on the website.  They don't do international postage yet unfortunately but they are all available from Amazon at comparable prices.

Comment by Maynard S. Clark on December 25, 2011 at 4:43

Sources of vegan cooking classes locally (wouldn't it be nice tobe able to document this through some existing online resource?):

* Macrobiotics

* Quan Yin (Loving Hut) groups

* Seventh Day Adventist Churches
* Buddhist Centers (some ARE vegetarian; Westernized groups are often tragically 'selective' and are therefore only NOMINALLY 'Buddhist' - though they continue to use the term 'advisedly' - without accountability) 
* Vegetarian Societis and vegan groups

* Animal Rights groups

* Vegetarian and vegan restaurants

* Independent culinary teachers
* Community centers, free schools, some colleges, some cultural groups

* Jain centers 
* Online instruction 

* Videos and DVDs - could be shared with friends in one's own home

* Books and magazines [but usually not much more than recipes; shares little if anything about technique, philosophy of (a) veganism OR (b) cooking and food and its relationship to the planet or health]. 

Every source has ITS drawbacks, but with drawbacks sometimes comes a resource that can be selectively valued for its utility.

Comment by tara on December 18, 2011 at 15:38

My directions were unclear, here is a better version:


For oil-free sautéing, saute garlic and onion in a little broth. Or sauté in sesame oil. Add mushrooms and continue to cook.

Add all of the additional ingredients except the sausage, kale, and coconut oil. Cook for about 30 minutes.  Mash some of the sweet potatoes when they start to get soft in the soup pot (for a creamy soup).

Add the sausage cook for 10 minutes more or so, add kale and a spoon full of coconut oil. Cook covered until the kale wilts and is bright green.

Stir well, taste test and make sure everything is cooked through.  Serve with plain unsweetened soy yogurt (Whole Soy & Co. is non-GMO).

Comment by Kerry Baker on December 18, 2011 at 15:20

Hi Tara.  Thanks for this and yes any contacts will be gratefully received.  I am constantly becoming more aware of how many products use animal content that is so unnecessary, even car tyres for example.  So I would like to get awareness out that you can have everything you need without necessarily having to torture animals to have it. I have introduced vegan cupcakes for example to people at work and they are becoming more aware and respectful of the issues. I do think it's high time to get the clear message out that being vegan is 'cool' and you can have delicious food and really fashionable clothing and footwear as a vegan. I will keep you in the loop. I will need advice and help from someone who has experience in arranging these large expo's but I guess where there's a will there is always a way.  Cheers

Comment by tara on December 18, 2011 at 14:04

Also, most everything I teach is infused with the message in The World Peace Diet written by Will Tuttle.  I could however speak on the WPD as well as I am one of Will's facilitators.

Comment by tara on December 18, 2011 at 14:02

This is a wonderful idea!  I was recently at the Animal Rights Conference here and there was a vegan shoe company there as a vendor.  I will find the name and send it to you. 

Also, I would love to be there either a vegan educator, chef, or to speak on genetically modified organisms. 

I do know of someone who has created a vegan expo in your part of the world.  This does not mean that you have to do the same thing he did, great to partner and mind share with though :-)  I will find his website and send it to you.  Also, will send the vegan clothing companies here in the states. 

Comment by Kerry Baker on December 18, 2011 at 11:39

Thanks Tara.  I will give it a go.  Here is a request for some helpful suggestions from this community.  I have had in mind for some time now to organise a Vegan Expo, that will be intended to showcase the best in food and vegan friendly clothing and footwear that will attract lots of people who aren't vegan or vegetarian.  I live in Melbourne Australia which is quite a vegan friendly city in food outlets etc, but the clothing and footwear is not so easy to identify as it is all over the place. Some ideas on how to go about this will be greatly appreciated. I'm aiming for 2013.  Melbourne has an annual food and wine festival about February (our Summer) and was hoping to coincide with that to get vegan food more accepted as mainstream. I was quite horrified to see some of the titles for the festival coming up in February, just making light of eating animals, and couldn't see anything that vaguely included vegan diets. What I was thinking was seeing if there are some top chefs who do vegan and seeing if they may be interested in coming to such an event. Do you know of any other similar events elsewhere in the world?  Any ideas will be appreciated.  Cheers and Happy Cruelty-free Christmas to all.


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