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Dr. Will Tuttle Celebrity Guest Chat - Jan 9/10 in AR Zone.

AR Zone is proud to present Dr. Will Tuttle in our inaugural Celebrity Guest Chat, this weekend, in our new format.

Dr. Will Tuttle, author of one of the most important books of the 21st century, The World Peace Diet, the foundation of a new society based on the truth of the interconnectedness of all life, acclaimed educator, pianist and composer, will be appearing in the AR Zone Guest chat this weekend.

All questions to Dr. Tuttle must be pre-registered ASAP. To do so, please leave a comment here or message Jamie, Stacey or Carolyn, indicating your interest in speaking with Dr Tuttle.

Questions will be limited, so please register soon to reserve your place to speak directly with Dr Tuttle.

This is an extraordinary opportunity to speak to an amazing man; we hope you'll become involved.

3pm ....... Saturday 9th - Pacific time
4pm ....... Saturday 9th Mountain time
5pm ....... Saturday 9th Central time
6pm ....... Saturday 9th Eastern time

6pm ....... Saturday 9th - Toronto

11pm ...... Saturday 9th - UK Time

9am ....... Sunday 10th - Brisbane
10am ...... Sunday 10th - Sydney/Melbourne

Further time zones are available at .. or feel free to ask Jamie, Stacey or Carolyn for more information.

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carolyn, hi, which saturday? the date? also on one of the emails you just sent out, the "link" to register for questions doesnt work, so those people who got that email wont be able to register.
Thanks :-)

I'll fix up the date, which is Saturday 3pm PT, this coming weekend.

I'll also send out a workable link.
Carolyn, thanks for your invitation. I'd like to make a question about Dr Tuttle's book being translated into Italian. Any chance? Any contact already? As I think the book could spread an important message in this country too.
Yes... I'd like to know which date too! Hope it will be recorded - for those unable to listen directly... :)
Hey Bea

The chat will be a web based chat, here, in the AR Zone chat room. We will post a transcript of the chat soon afterwards, for those that are unable to make it.
I'll put you down for a question Coztanza, thanks :-)
Ah... Now I see - Saturday the "9th". Thanks much!
You're very welcome Bea :-)
My question for Will Tuttle in three parts:

First: Given that a corpse-munching baby is born every ten seconds in the USA; can we ever expect a vegan world when most of the animal rights movement avoids children and schools in their activism?

Secondly: As most of us who have gone through public schools have experienced---whether, or not, acknowledged/realized---the “school cafeteria-industrial-complex” hiding under education’s declared day-to-day normalcy is intentionally and actively so well concealed, that it should be the imperative of vegans everywhere to set the children right by devoting their time and energies towards the next generation and schools so we can prevent the illness, instead of tragically treating the illness?

Lastly: As schools refuse to even consider change and with melting ice caps, rising oceans, and the hole in the ozone layer at its largest ever, isn’t the only real way to effect change to teach the upcoming generation our problems---now theirs---outside of schools, by first living by example ourselves then talking with children about veganism?
Given how tough to digest , or yang, meat is , and how rigid and set in their ways meat eaters become, making it very hard for them to change in any way, and at the same time realizing that with 7 billion people on the planet now and maybe 10 billion on the planet by 2050, that with the size of the earth and the amount of land and water it takes to raise the animals it takes to make the meat it would be impossible for all 7 to 10 billion people to be eating a big mac daily with french fries, do you think we will go extinct from lack of water and all the forests being cut down first with the growing number of third world countries rising and trying to imitate the lifestyle of the USA and fast food indusstries spreading into their countries as well, and the need for more grazing land for all those grazing cattle. Or do you think enough people will be able to change their lifestyle and diet that it will become possible for human life to continiue? Or thirdly do you think most humans will die from uncurable diseases brought on by their poor diets and worsening environment due to their desire for meat daily, and only a few who have been able to adapt to great changes, like the vegan diet, will be able to continue to live here on the planet earth?
Carolyn, how (logistically) do I listen to this progrm on Sat.? I am just learning computer skills and am not sure what chat place or where I can go to find this conversation, which I would very much like to hear. I have enormous love and respect for WIll.
Hi Georgia, it's really easy. Will's chat will be all typed, no podcast or phone calls. It will be right here, in this site AR Zone. When you first log in you will see a big white (usually) empty box. That's where the chat will take place. It's all web-based type written chat.

Please let me know if you'd like more info Georgia, I am not a computer person myself, I understand :-)


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