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In view of some of the recent comments about how people "won't look", "won't listen", etc. to evidence of what is actually going on, and seem to be in denial, here is a post that appeared on a friend's page, that I'd like to share with you:

Wanted to share a response from a FB interaction a moment ago!

"Okay, I just googled Vegan to learn more about it and came across some videos. I am SO sick to my stomach and am in tears!!!!!! How niave I was about how we are getting our food and products. I just watched some extremely graphic videos and I want to throw up!!! I had NO idea!!!!! I am so sickened and incredibly saddened at how animals are treated!!! Ugh, I just want to run around freeing animals from farms and pet stores now like a crazy woman. I had no idea. I am ashamed to even say that I was supporting these places by purchasing the meat, milk, eggs, etc :( I cannot believe it! And the videos of the fur farms, how devastating! Never again. Now that I am aware and informed, I am done with supporting this kind of cruelty. In fact, cruelty is an understatement. It's insane to me that this is occuring and there are so many people that are unaware like I was.... I am just infuriated and I want to do something about it!

Wow. Wow. Wow. Thank you Rob and Gary for opening my eyes!!!!!! :( I just want to keep crying. How tragic! Thank you for the information and the help!"

What a difference from the reactions that some of us have received. Yes, I know, we're all different, but I dearly wish I knew what Gary had said to prompt this reaction. The rest of the comments on the post are interesting as well. Here's the link:

Any comments or discussion on this? Have you had anything similar happen to you?

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